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Railways have been the engine of economic and technical growth and development in India. Railway Safety is not merely an area of national concern but also poses challenges to the engineering and research community of the country.


A Technology Mission has been proposed to focus national attention and drive modern technologies of monitoring, control, communications, design, electronics and materials for Railway Safety. The earlier national programs on space and defence research have not merely achieved goals specific to the missions, but have also provided impetus to technology endeavours in institutions all across the country. A Technology Mission on Railways will similarly help to initiate and incubate design and development projects of significant national importance.


Technology issues on Railway safety and economy relate to multitude of engineering disciplines. The mission will help to pool relevant engineering knowledge, expertise and resources available in various research organizations and academic institutions in order to address these issues in an efficient manner.


The Mission objective is to develop and adopt state-of-the-art safety, control and design technologies defined by needs related to Indian conditions. The Mission will formulate and implement projects aimed towards achieving higher throughput, lower cost of transmission per unit and safer train movement.