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A research seminar by Mr. Ankur Dixit (Kyutech, Japan) on Image Feature Extraction and Decomposition via Morphological Component Analysis
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Recently published research paper
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Mr. Manish has successfully defended his PhD research at FB 370.
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A Research seminar given by Prof. Manjesh kumar singh on Rheological and tribological studies of cross-linked polymers: Simulation and Experimentation
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Thanks to Prof. Hiroaki Wagatsuma, Centre for Continuing Education, IIT Kanpur, Mr. Anirudha, Participants and the SMSS team for the Successful Completion of the 4-day workshop on Brain-Inspired Robotics.
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Successful completion of SPARC phase-l with Prof. Bishakh Bhattacharya (IIT Kanpur), Prof. Alper Erturk (Georgia Tech., USA), Prof. Sondipon Adhikari (Swansea University, UK) and Dr. Arnab Banerjee (IIT Delhi).

SMSS Research Seminars

Speaker: Prof. Manjesh Kumar singh
Rheological and tribological studies of cross-linked polymers: Simulation and Experimentation
In this research, It is studied the effect of cross-linking on the tribological behavior of polymer brushes using a combined experimental and theoretical approach. Tribological and indentation measurements on poly(glycidyl methacrylate) brushes and gels in the presence of dimethylformamide solvent were obtained by means of atomic force microscopy. To complement experiments, we have performed corresponding molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of a generic bead–spring model in the presence of explicit solvent and cross-linkers.

Speaker: Prof. Debayan Das
Paper Stacks for Uniform Rehydration of Dried Reagents in Paper Microfuidic Devices
In this research, it was demonstrate that mixing of dried reagents with a rehydrating fuid in paper microfuidics may be signifcantly enhanced by stacking paper layers having diferent wicking rates. Compared to single-layer paper membranes, stacking reduced the “non-reactive area”, i.e. area in which the reconstituted reagents did not interact with the rehydrating fuid, by as much as 97% in large (8cm×2cm) paper membranes.
A paper stack was designed to collect ~0.9ml liquid sample and uniformly mix it with dried reagents. Applications of this technology are demonstrated in two areas: (i) collection and dry storage of sputum samples for tuberculosis testing, and (ii) salivary glucose detection using an enzymatic assay and colorimetric readout. Maximizing the interaction of liquids with dried reagents is central to enhancing the performance of all paper microfuidic devices; this technique is therefore likely to fnd important applications in paper microfuidics.


Sakura Exchange Programme

Japan Science and Technology Society (JST), through Sakura Exchange Programme in Science has invited eight Research Scholars from IIT Kanpur under joint mentoring by Professor Hiroaki Wagatsuma, Department of Brain Science and Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology and Professor Bishakh Bhattacharya to address one of the most intriguing aspects of Child- Robot Interaction:

Learning in Children is all about Creating Episodic Memory in Chunks?

The Joint Graduate School Intelligent Car and Robotics Course, which has established for educations for engineers who have advanced specializations and comprehensive knowledge of interdisciplinary science and engineering, will offer energetic and talented Asian students an opportunity to encounter the essence through the actual training course, especially on “Brain-Inspired Robotics”, and then it will inevitably maximize the motivation of cross-country contributions in the future by intercommunicating between their own countries and Japan.

The students involved in the programme are: Mr. Aravind Muthuswamy (Team Leader), Mr. Arun Sharma (Team Controller), Mr. Himanshu Pandey, Ms. Rupal Srivastava, Mr. Dhrupal Shah, Mr. Hardik Soni, Mr. Santha Kumar, Mr. Ayush Singh.



University of Sheffield


The UK-India research initiative and DST, India have jointly funded a project in which the delamination in composite laminate could be detected and controlled in real-time by using the dynamic response of the system. The technology is envisaged to be highly demanding in the field of Health monitoring of Composites for Aerospace appplications.
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Waseda University, Japan


Through a productive link with Prof. Harutoshi Ogai of Waseda University, Japan, our lab has developed crawler robots for pipe health monitoring. The two robots Mushik and Mogurinko are developed with touch sensors which can sense the faults in pipes precisely.



KTH Sweden


SAATH will use real-world scenarios of mobility degradation due to ageing and how this affects the normal daily activities of elderly persons in India and Sweden. The project covers the full range of requirements from basic physical activity monitoring to identify need for supporhtive action, and, once this has been identified, to provide a variety of physical assistance to meet this need as it grows due to the ageing process (from smart sticks to help a person move from one place to another; to wearable exoskeletons to help specific joints for performing normal human motions). SAATH extends current and previous projects of the partners to allow the various solutions to be integrated into the assistive SAATH solutions via a flexible modular approach (to be developed and agreed) to facilitate scalability of the evolving assistance that is provided to meet individual needs due to ageing.

SAATH extends a successful Indian-Swedish DST-VINNOVA research partnership in embedded systems to include expertise in robotics and systems design so that key daily life personal mobility problems in the global ageing society can be targeted and commercially viable solutions developed and delivered.

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SMSS Research Seminars

SAATH (Seamless Affordable Assistive Technology for Health)

Patent on SMA based self reconfigurable robot for survellience sytem "A MODULAR ROBOTIC SYSTEM" Inventor: Prof. B Bhattacharya and Ankur agrawal

best poster award for the paper titled "Studies on Smart Re-configurable Parabolic Space Antenna" by Sahil Kalra, B. S. Munjal and Bishakh Bhattacharya at the 9th IPS Symposium at Waseda University, Japan

Best paper award in the 8th International collaboration Symposium on Information, Production and Systems ISIPS 2014 at Waseda University, Japan for the paper "Design of Passive Pipe Health Monitoring Systems" by Nayan Jyoti Baishya, Himanshu Panday, Vaibhav Verma and Bishakh Bhattacharya


e-SMSS seminar (Invited talk)

The SMSS Research e-Seminar with our invited speaker- Dr. Mayank Jha, Associate Professor, Université of Lorraine, France.



Prof. Bishakh Bhattacharya is offering a MOOC on Foundations of Cognitive Robotics from 14 September, 2020. The free enrolment is open till 21 Sept. 2020. For more details, kindly refer to the course webpage.
Course name: Foundations of Cognitive Robotics


" The application deadlines for the Open Positions/Vacancies has been extended to 15th August 2020"

Applications are invited for the post of 'Project Technician' at Smart Materials Structures and Systems laboratory (SMSS), Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur.


Applications are invited for the post of 'Research Associate - I' at Smart Materials Structures and Systems laboratory (SMSS), Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur.


Recent Publication

Nature Scientific Reports accepted (2020) 'Exploring the Dynamics of Hourglass shaped Lattice Metastructures'.


Singh, A., Mukhopadhyay, T., Adhikari, S., Bhattacharya, B., Voltage-dependent modulation of elastic moduli in lattice metamaterials: Emergence of a programmable state-transition capability. International Journal of Solids and Structures.(2020): 1-20.


Pandey, Manish, Rommel G. Regis, Rituparna Datta, and Bishakh Bhattacharya. Surrogate-assisted multi-objective optimization of the dynamic response of a freight wagon fitted with three-piece bogies. International Journal of Rail Transportation (2020): 1-20.


IEEE Sensors accepted (2020) 'Shape memory alloy-based sensor for two-phase flow detection'.


Adhikari, S., Rastogi, A. and Bhattacharya, B., Piezoelectric vortex induced vibration energy harvesting in a random flow field, Smart Materials and Structures


Chaurasiya , K. L., Bhattacharya , B., Varma A. K. and Rastogi, S., (2019), Dynamic modeling of a cabin pressure control system, Proc IMechE Part G: J Aerospace Engineering,

Santhakumar S. , Bhattacharya , B., Aryan, P.  and Sohn H., (2019),  A Real-Time, Non-Contact Method for In-Line Inspection of Oil and Gas Pipelines Using Optical Sensor Array, Sensors 2019, 19, 3615;

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