Railways, Automobiles, Space and Defense Technologies

Majority of the Indian industry today either caters to or is dependent on the Railways, Automobile and Aerospace sectors. MSE department boasts of working on many critical projects on the development of materials technology in these areas. To list a few of them are as follows:

  1. Development of stronger and tougher bainitic steels for Railways applications
  2. Development of low-cost and lightweight Titanium alloys for automobiles
  3. Development of Nb-based alloys for high temperature structural applications
  4. Joining of dissimilar metals for applications in Aerospace technology
  5. Development of duplex steels
  6. Optimization of thermomechanical processing and heat treatments to enhance the strength and ductility of wrought Aluminum alloys
  7. Development of next generation Aluminum alloys for automobile engine applications 
  8. Development of materials and devices for sensors, actuators, transducer applications

SEM micrograph of a bainitic steel developed for Railway axels

Optical micrograph of A354 cast aluminum alloy used in automobile engines

Brazing of Ti-alloys with Silver based brazing filler metal