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Message from Head of the Department

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Department at IIT Kanpur is home to world-renown faculty and caters to 300+ B.Tech., 50+ M.Tech., and 125+ Ph.D. scholars. Research-groups in the MSE department have made global impact in the domains from conventional metallurgy and iron- and steel-making to semiconducting/electronic materials, biomaterials, advanced material processing, coatings/corrosion protection, automotive/aerospace, batteries, packaging/sensors, defense applications, etc. Correlation among material selection, synthesis and processing, characterization, and performance has been made possible via in-house capability of high-end research equipment, accelerated material design and testing, high-throughput experiments, in-situ evaluation, computational-modeling, material-data software/ visualization, etc. MSE Department welcomes students/faculty/staff who wish to challenge themselves and explore multidisciplinary science and engineering paradigm of metallurgy and materials. Industries/firms are invited to share bottlenecks and share those technical problems via research projects/consultancy/CSR, and we will be happy to work-together and provide probable solutions. MSE alumni are requested to stay connected, provide feedback/give advice on critical issues, and contribute positively to the growth of the department. Let us contribute to nation building, and march towards creating a new world...together.

Prof. Kantesh Balani

FB 415
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
IIT Kanpur, Kanpur-208016
Phone: +91-512-259 7445, 6194
Email: head_mse@iitk.ac.in