Transmission Electron Microscopy


The department also houses a 200kV transmission electron microscope with energy dispersive spectroscopy and high angle annular diffraction attachment. The departmental TEM serves not only the students of department but also of the entire institute. Routine bright field, dark field and diffraction patterns are obtained for a variety of samples and advanced high resolution transmission electron microscopy work is carried out by expert users. Specialized courses on Advanced Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis and Crystallographic Texture are offered to improve the knowledge base of students before handling these sophisticated instruments. The electron microscopy is complemented with sample preparation facility comprising of electropolisher for SEM and EBSD, twin jet polisher and precision ion polishing system (PIPS). Additional accessories like plasma cleaner and gold and carbon coater are also available.

The Electron Microscope Facility (EM Facility) comprises a FEI Technai 20 U Twin Transmission Electron Microscope. The microscope is a STEM and is also equipped with a EDS detector , HAADF detector and Gatan digital imaging system. The lab is also equipped with ion beam milling facility for sample preparation. The facility can be used by all the members of the Institute research community. It is also open for other researchers in the country. However, there are a set of Rules and Regulations laid out in the interest and safety of microscope as well as the users. It is expected that all users follow these Rules and Regulation strictly

User Obligations to the Facility

It is expected of all the users that they give appropriate acknowledgement to the "Electron Microscope Facility, MME, IIT-Kanpur" in all publications, reports and theses. It will be highly appreciated if they can provide a copy of their Research publications for display in the facility premises and for archival purposes.

Any of your interesting results you may provide for the Micrographs Gallery and it will be kept with all the details you may provide along with explicit indication of authorship.

Periodic "In-house Seminars" to showcase the Research Work using facility is being envisaged. Active and enthusiastic participation of all users in such programs will be highly appreciated.


Western Laboratory Building 106
Telephone Number 6049 (Internal)
0512-2596049 (External)

Co-ordination Committee

Dr. Gouthama (Convener)
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Dr. Jitendra Kumar
Material Science Programme

Dr. R. Balasubramaniam
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Dr. Sandeep Verma
Department of Chemistry

Dr. R. C. Budhani
Department of Physics

Dr. Bikramjit Basu
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Dr. Asish Garg
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Staff Microscopist

Mr. G. P. Bajpai
Tech.Staff, MME

Mr. S. K. Agnihotri
Tech.Staff, MME

Student Microscopist

Mr. J. Bhagyaraj
Res. Scholar, MME

Mr. S. Giribaskar
Res. Scholar, MME

General User

  • People who want to use the facility will begin as a general user.

  • The operator will assist in carrying out the analysis.

  • At no time they meddle with the microscope or its accessories.

  • They will be allotted slots during the working hours of the working days only,

  • The slots from 09.00 -12.30 and 14.30 -17.30 hours.

  • The user is expected to be present when the analysis is being done and may get the work done as per their requirements interacting with the operator.

Regular User

  • After a general user has gained enough familiarity with the machine will be considered for becoming a "Regular User".

  • This may involve a orientation program and passing of a written/oral examination.

  • Regular users can carry out analysis of their samples on their own.

  • There will be no operator allotted to be associated for the entire session.

  • But, the operators on duty will be available for any consultation and assistance.

  • They can take reservation on the machine during 12.30 14.30 and 17.30 19.30 hour slots in addition to the general user slots (if available free)

Expert User

  • Among the regular users, persons with good aptitude and initiative in the maintenance of the microscope and doing advanced level of rigorous microscopic analysis will be elevated to "Expert User".

  • In most cases, only Ph. D students whose thesis component of microscopy is atleast 25-30% or more would be considered for this.

  • Concerned Ph.D students should get the formal approval of their thesis supervisors for taking up this assignment. They will assist in the operation of the machine for general users and also in the maintenance of the microscope.

  • They will be involved in the conducting of orientation programs for the beginners and also help the user community in specimen preparation and efficient data acquisition.

  • As privileges they can take long booking slots of 4-6 hours in the night and on weekends and holidays.

  • Commensurate with their assistance to the facility they will be given weekly or monthly free quota of time on the machine (usually after 8.00 p.m or before 09.00 a.m. or on week ends).

  • They may get financial benefits also if involved in analysis of samples from outside the institute.

There will be two steps involved in the process. First step, 'Request for Usage of the facility' would be to get approval for the usage of machine by the individual for the specific materials/mode of analysis. The second step is 'Request for Reservation on the machine'. Details of the procedure and the policy for approval and reservations are as follows

Procedures for Facility Usage and Approval Policy

  1. Users of all category are supposed fill the specified form and submit it to the convener, EM facility.

  2. The request should contain details about materials and analysis required like, (i) magnetic or non-magnetic, (ii) bulk or powder, (iii) beam and temperature sensitivity, (iv) mode of analysis ( BF, DF, HRTEM, EDS, etc.).

  3. The method used for sample preparation and the chemicals used for final clean or final preparation stages should be mentioned.

  4. Details of all the individuals who will be involved (who will visit the facility for analysis) should be explicitly mentioned.

  5. Clear indication of the budget head/project number from which the charges should be provided.

  6. Approximate number of slots required and also the period for which the request is being made should be mentioned. Fresh formal request has to be submitted for approval extension if the number of slots allotted is exhausted or the time duration specified expires.

  7. If the approval is sort for different materials, separate request for each of them has to be obtained with the individuals involved in study being clearly mentioned.

  8. Any change in the individual involved in already approval work should be formally got approved.

  9. In the interest of the machine specimen preparation procedures will be recommended and it will be on the obligation of the user to comply with the same.

  10. Any material, method of sample preparation or mode of operation which is found injuries to the Microscope will be denied approval or approval withdrawn.

Procedure for Reservation of Microscope Slot and Reservation Policy

  1. Request for reservation has to be made on the specified form.

  2. The form should contain the approval reference number.

  3. Efforts will be made to allot booking within 2 weeks from the date of receipt application. Do not apply unless you are sure of using the slot.

  4. The slot allotted will displayed every Thursday on the facility notice board. If email ID is available then mail sent to the user at least 3 days in advance of the allotted slot.

  5. The slot has to be used by the individual/work for which the allotment is made.

  6. It will be the responsibility of the individual user to make sure to come in time and any lost time will be at the users cost.

  7. Any reservation on a particular slot can be cancelled 48 hours in advance without any penalty.

  8. 50% charged will have to be borne by the users for failing to turn up or for cancellation of the allotted day/time.

  9. Slots will be allotted depending on the category of the users.

  10. The user is obligated to follow the general norms of using the microscope facility failing which the individual will be suspended/disallowed from using the machine.

Users from Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, IIT Kanpur (per slot)

Rs. 300

Users from all other departments, centers and programs of IIT Kanpur (per slot)

Rs. 1000

Users fromany academics institution (per slot)

Rs. 5000

Users from any laboratory in the country (per slot)

Rs. 10,000

Users fromany national laboratory with active collaboration of IIT-Kanpur faculty (per slot)

Rs. 5000

Users from any industries in the country (per slot)

Rs. 10,000

  1. Do not meddle anything in the microscope room which you are not approved off.

  2. You are supposed to do things which are approved for the category to which you belong.

  3. Make all the entries in the Logbook kept for the purpose before starting the analysis.

  4. Sample for observation, after completing the preparation, has to be submitted to the EM facility one day in advance for mandatory vacuum desiccation. If the sample requires immediate observation then prior permission has to be obtained for the same.

  5. As far as possible, be in time for your slot and do not extend beyond your allotted slot unless it is vacant and available.

  6. You may bring a new CD and save on it your digitally recorded micrographs and analysis data. Your data will be kept on the microscope system for a maximum of 30 days after which the facility will not be responsible for your data on the system.

  7. If the red indicator lamp is lit in front of the microscope room, somebody is working inside and do not disturb them. Who are inside you may find from board kept for the purpose outside and do not barge into the TEM room.

  8. Do not entertain any visitors into the microscope room without prior permission.

  9. No body should interrupt the persons involved in working with the microscope.

  10. Users working in non-working hours/non-working days should arrange for an accompanying person and avoid as for as possible working alone in the microscope room.

  11. Tools and consumables kept in the microscope room can not be taken out of the room.

  12. Avoid irrelevant and unnecessary taking in the microscope room.

  13. Keep your mobile phones off before entering the microscope room.

  14. No foods and drinks are allowed inside to microscope room.

  15. Avoid stinking shoes and socks into the microscope room.

  16. Long finger nails and wearing sharp edged rings in the fingers or bungles in the wrist are prohibited while working on the machine. These may cause permanent damage the machine.

  17. Help us keep the microscope room clean and dust free.

Any defaulter will be suspended from using the facility by the convener. The incident /case will be formally discussed by facility coordination committee and the decision of the committee is binding on users and the user has to comply with whatever penalty imposed.