Thermomechanical processing


Materials tetrahedron has an important aspect: Characterization. Out of many characterization techniques, thermo-mechanical analysis is extremely important to study phase transformations in metals, alloys, oxides and polymers. In our department, we have Thermo-mechanical Analyzer (TMA) and Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer.  In TMA, the basic principle is the measurement of position of the sample as a function of time at constant temperature or as a function of changing temperature at constant rate. It allows various characterizations like: Sintering of metal and oxide powders, Phase transformations in steels, etc. It also allows us to calculate the TTT and CCT diagrams of steels, which can be useful in designing heat treatment sequence and getting optimum microstructure so as to get excellent quality steels as per our needs. We have recently augmented our departmental facility by procuring a state-of-art DMA in order to cater to the research needs of a group of faculty members, who will be working on polymer-based bio-degradable plastics, flapping wings, metallic glass and amorphous alloys, etc. DMA allows us to measure glass transition temperature, super-plastic behavior of the material in the super-cooled region in case of glassy systems, etc. because it has an unique ability to see the visco-elastic behavior of materials in response to the applied stress.