Mechanical Testing


The Mechanical Testing Lab is one of the core lab of the department that offers training to undergraduate students in Mechanical Behaviour of Materials.

The lab comprises of several Universal Testing Machines capable of carrying out conventional tension and compression tests over a wide range of temperature and strain rate. In addition, various hardness testers ranging from macro to micro indenters of different geometries are available in the lab. The lab also houses a rotating bending fatigue equipment and two creep frames comprising of a table top creep frame and a full fledged creep frame for conventional creep testing. There is also a provision t determine the impact toughness of metallic materials by using Charpy impact test. In addition, we have designed apparatus for carrying out mechanical tests in different corrosive environments for studying hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking. In addition, the lab houses few muffle furnaces, cutting wheels and metallurgical sample preparation facility with optical microscopes. The department has a small laboratory rolling mill for rolling soft materials as well as a a lathe machine to prepare samples for mechanical testing. The lab also uses in-house developed software for data acquisition and analysis for different mechanical tests.