Electronic Materials Lab


A. Processing

Physical Vapour Deposition Techniques

1. Pulsed Laser Deposition (KrF 248 nm laser)
2. Electron Beam Evaporation
3. Sputtering
4. Thermal Evaporation

Chemical Solution Deposition

Glove box based device fabrication

Photolithography facilities for device fabrication

B. Characterization

Electrical and Optical Characterization Facilities

Radiant ferroelectric tester
Agilent 4294A Impedance analyzer
Keithley 6571A Electrometer
Temperature dependent probe station
Photoluminescence measurement
Hall Measurement
Four probe measurements
Thickness measurement (Dektak)

Atomic force microscope (Asylum MFP-3D) with various modes such as Conductive AFM, MFM, PFM etc.