Hall of Residence 4 Indian Institute of Technology. Kanpur


The mess committee headed by the chairman consists of mess accounts secretary, mess store and supply secretary and both the general body representatives. The committee monitors the mess which caters to the boarding requirements of the inmates. The residents are provided breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu for all the meals is decided by the mess-menu committee (consisting of resident representatives from different areas of the country) in consultation with the mess-management staff and based on the suggestions of inmates as well as seasonal requirements.

Special meals are served on Friday nights as well as on selected occasions like national festivals, new year day, Holi, Diwali and Id.

The mess has a spacious and well-ventilated dinning room, a well-equipped and hygienically maintained kitchen, a cold storage room for perishable items and a storeroom for other items. The menu has popular dishes from different regions of the country in order to serve the needs of the hall's mixed population.

Most of the hall residents are charged the mess bill (on a monthly basis) for which a fixed amount gets deducted from the institute assistantship received by them while the balance is paid by the residents through cheque.



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