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Hall of Residence 4 Indian Institute of Technology. Kanpur

About Hall-4

Hall-4! The most lively Hall! Hall-4, The Fourth Hall of Residence was established during the early years of formation of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. It has been since then a residence for Post Graduate students of the institute.

The hall boasts of having some of the best facilities available inside the campus. The Sports-room with Billiard Table, common room with a TV, a very rich circulation library, a great canteen providing hygienic food and entertainment in form of a T. V, Quadrangle (lawn), Volley ball court, 2 Badminton courts and a basket ball court with the provision of floodlights and a Table Tennis room are there to satisfy all kinds of refreshment needs of the boarders.

Hall-4 is spanned over 10300 sq. meter area and has total 486 rooms in nine residential blocks (A, B, C, D, E, E1, F, G and H), each block consisting of 54 rooms distributed among three floors.

Hall 4 not only have the best facilities available but also it allows other hall's students to come and use it. Only Hall-4 has the Billiards table and a well furnished Reading Room (with about 15 newspapers and 30 Magazines).

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