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Hall of Residence 4 Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Glimpse of Hall-4

  • Rain


    It leads to ecstasy

  • Squirrel


    A Home for Everyone - Hall 4

  • Mess


    There is something about mess food that makes it beyond comparison to anything else of the edible variety

  • Canteen


    Its where all turn to refresh!

  • Quad


    It is the Heart of Hall-4

  • Flowers


    It inspires!

  • Ground


    We loose and gain energy here

Almost centrally located amongst the student hostels of IIT Kanpur, Hall 4 enjoys a unique repute of having most of the distinguished alumni of the institute as its ex-residents. The spirit of Hall 4 lies in its policy of social activism, intellectual contribution and the diverse tapestry of cultural fragrance. Said to possess some of the most forthright group of students, the Hall has in the past taken major social initiatives and proposed solutions to the institute regarding various issues including the proposal of a new mess model. The Hall is proud to have the student gymkhana constitution being modelled after its own constitution.

The hustle and bustle that goes on in the Hall quad goes on to late nights and sometimes even very early mornings, accompanied by sips of tea and coffee in the Hall 4 canteen. A very different and focused group of students carry on playing shots at the Billiard room, which is the only such facility in any of the student hostels of the institute. While the residents of the Hall have taken patents for their research work and contribute to various symposiums, conferences and journals in academics, an interdisciplinary camaraderie is also seen amongst the residents of the hall.


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