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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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Economic Sciences faculty have offered the following online courses under the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

Course NameInstructorYearLinkSyllabus Template
NOC:Introduction to Microeconomics in Hindi and without Calculus (Video) Dr. Vimal Kumar 2022
NOC:Economics of Banking and Finance Markets Prof. Sukumar Vellakkal 2022
NOC:Microfoundations of Macroeconomics Prof. Wasim Ahmad 2021
NOC:Applied Statistics and Econometrics Prof. Deep Mukherjee 2020
NOC:Indian Economy: Some Contemporary Perspectives Prof. Wasim Ahmad 2020
NOC:Calculus of Several Real Variables Dr. Joydeep Dutta 2019
Microeconomics: Theory and Applications Prof. Deep Mukherjee 2018
NOC:An Introduction to Microeconomics Dr. Vimal Kumar 2017
NOC:Calculus of One Real Variable Dr. Joydeep Dutta 2017
NOC:Probability and Stochastic for Finance II Dr. Joydeep Dutta 2016
NOC:Probability and Stochastics for finance Dr. Joydeep Dutta 2016
NOC:Strategy: An Introduction to game Theory Prof. Aditya K. Jagannatham and
Dr. Vimal Kumar
Macro Economics Prof.Surajit Sinha 2015 Content is in private mode. Under Review.
Game Theory for Economists Dr. Sarani Saha 2015
NOC:Basic Calculus for Engineers, Scientists and Economists Dr. Joydeep Dutta 2015
Money & Banking Prof.Surajit Sinha 2014
Foundations of Optimization Dr. Joydeep Dutta 2014
Convex Optimization Dr. Joydeep Dutta 2013
International Economics Dr. Somesh K. Mathur 2013