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Sun, Sep 30, 2012

From the Editor's Desk

“Poetry is one of the destinies of speech… One would say that the poetic image, in its newness, opens a future to language.”

- Gaston Bachelard

With its September issue, Team AG happily introduces the Junior AG team to its readers. It’s a moment of great pleasure for us to pass on the legacy with a belief that Junior team would shoulder the responsibility to take up the AG to greater heights, through even more vigor and enthusiasm. New team always brings with them the wider horizons, perspectives and ideas. We wish the Junior AG team all the success.

Junior AG team has right away introduced a column on B-Quiz, named as ‘Quizomania‘ in their first edition of Avant Garde. This column will try to capture the happenings in the business world and much more. Let’s see what more do they have in store for us in the upcoming editions.

With the Mid semester fever getting off, the temperament of IITK has risen with the commencement of the annual sports meet “Udhgosh’12”. With the hot air balloon, adventure sports and live screening of T20 matches the stage is setting up for most awaited events of the year, the cult-fests Antragini’12 and Impressions’12.

August and September saw many ups and downs as the parliament debated over the ‘mother of all scams the coal-block hitting India on face. Even before this debate could settle down, the announcement of 100% FDI on retail turned out to be the biggest news-maker stealing the show.

The untimely demise of the engineer for the White Revolution Dr. Kurien, the nation had another big blow. With controversial anti-Islamic movie reaching to masses and the case of threatening of north east people over MMS, SMS and social media, again resumed the debate over implementing the mechanism to check the content on communication channels. It can be fatal tool if got into wrong hands.

On the lighter side India’s official entry to Oscars, Barfi was able to generate hopes that Cinema in India is marching towards the much awaited overhaul. As we release this edition most us are eyeing on the India combating Pakistan in T20 super eight which irrespective of its result would be a pleasure to watch.

Articles covered in this edition are:

Team AG feels pleasure in sharing the achievement of our Alumni, as Siddhartha Gupta and Aditi Makol, MBA batch of 2010 have made their Alma mater proud by coming up as winners of the Capgemini Super Techie Show. Capgemini Super Techies show aired on ETNow is India’s first reality TV series for IT professionals where they get a platform to showcase their tech talent to the world.

With the 100% recent FDI roll-out in parliament, the stage is set for the foreign investors to boost the organized retail sector in India. Mukul Joshi of MBA 2013 batch tries to evaluate how already the organized sector has impacted the way people shop in India. He brings out a case analysis on a traditional market cluster (bazaar) for Jaggery in Punjab, as a miniature.

India is a land of diversity. This calls for responsible behavior by the citizens of the country. Nishu Navneet of MBA 2014 batch brings out the recent incidents of mass exodus of Northeastern communities, having to leave their workplaces to return back to their hometowns. He talks about the prejudice and racial discrimination committed on the people coming from other states which have been occurring quite frequently over the years.

Whole nation is mourning over the sad demise of Dr. Verghese Kurien. As a tribute to this maestro, Chintan of MBA 2014 batch brings out an article discussing his contributions to the nation. In the first part of this two article series he discusses about the inception of Amul and formation of co-operative societies for villages. He also talks about the famous Operation Flood that brought about the White Revolution in our country.

Tarun Goel of MBA 2013 batch shares his internship insights and experiences in operations domain at BEHR India, Pune. Hailing from mechanical engineering background he talks about his two months stint working in a Core Company and on the project of his interest.

We hope that you like this edition of Avant Garde.

For the motivation of Junior AG Team, do post your comments on the articles in the “Add Comment” section. Awaiting your comments, criticism and appreciation.

Till the next issue, wish you a Happy Reading!

Team AG.

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