Editorial (Aug’12)

Wed, Aug 1, 2012

From the Editor's Desk

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Experiences play a pivoting role for us, to understand the present and try to understand the world through it. While it is an interesting activity in itself, it also gives a chance to go beyond that. A world of imagination has its foundation in the world we experience. And that is how society moves forward. This edition of Avant Garde is dedicated to such experiences we have in our lives. A small attempt to share our own experiences we had with the country, its people and the changing scenarios.

The environment at IITK is electrifying as it reopens for a new academic year. The even more green campus of IITK amidst the rains is a delight as well as contrast to the hot and swindling arena as it was when we left it in the first week of May. A complete new lot of enthusiastic juniors from organizations as diverse as Facebook, Deloitte to Coal India have become the part of the vibrant atmosphere of the IITK MBA program. With sparks in their eyes and the zeal to learn they are on track after a four day aggressive work out with the seniors.
Meanwhile, the senior batch is also on its toes, geared up for another year of roller coaster ride on concepts, readings, analysis and projects. Back from their respective summer internships, they have had seen the organizations from naïve perspectives. For few it was a direct application of the classroom concepts, while for others it was an unlearning and re-learning experience. Working in organizations as diverse as Mitsui in Japan, to the government of Madhya Pradesh, they are all sharing and narrating the anecdotes of their learning.

As India gets its 13th President, Sandeep Sharma (Batch 2013) comes up with a brief analysis of roles and responsibilities that the president of India has.

Samreen Jamal (Batch 2013) shares her experiences with the twitter during her summer internship. She tries to figure out how twitter is shaping the business scenario these days, and why it is being viewed as the next powerful feedback and communication channel.

Taruna (Batch 2013) takes a close look at the Indian Administrative services as a career. She shares some real-time analysis of the job, through her experience as a summer intern in the Government of Madhya Pradesh. This edition brings out the first part of this series.

Mukul Joshi (Batch 2013) writes a case on the lines of freakonomics. He is portraying in a light manner, the subtler impact of the rain deficiency that often goes unnoticed.

We hope that you like this edition of Avant Garde.

Do post your comments on the articles in the “Add Comment” section. Awaiting your comments, criticism and appreciation.

Till the next issue, wish you a Happy Reading!
Team AG.

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