TIPS FROM TOP: ‘HR FOR PASSION AND DISPASSION’ by Aniruddha Khekale, Group Human Resource Director, Emerson Automation Solutions India

Wed, Aug 8, 2018

Campus Update, Education, Motivational


The department of Industrial and Management engineering hosted Mr. Aniruddha Khekale, Group Human Resource Director, Emerson Automation Solutions India for a corporate seminar on 4th of August. It was an engaging session on the topic, ‘HR for passion and dispassion’. The seminar commenced with Mr. Khekale giving us a glimpse of Emerson Automation Solutions and its journey from a start-up in mass production to building Emerson platforms, going global.

He began his speech on the topic with a picture of a pulse signifying upward slope as passion and downward as dispassion. Passion and dispassion is defined by business driver however compassion is a human element that we can choose to deal with them. This compassion comes from organization’s values and culture. The speaker asked us for our views on the roles and functions of various facets of a CEO, a COO and a CHRO, what we would expect a CHROs contribution to the company and its decision-making system? It was an engaging moment, with many people coming up with multitudes of different thoughts and perspective.

While defining HR accountability, he spoke about the ideas of a moral compass, with a focus on results and human empathy. In the world of artificial intelligence, it is human empathy that will help a company to grow and prosper. The speaker next went on to discuss a case study about a company struggling to achieve a certain target in a year while having a de-growth in a certain quarter. After 10 minutes of brain storming the student came up with various solutions. Mr. Khekale discussed about how in such a situation that the company was facing, dispassion can be cost containment, restructuring and downward spiral, while passion is the growth which can come only from positive energy that we get from the hope and direction communicated by the top people in business. So, when Emerson faced with a similar situation, they implemented simple steps like empathetic communication, focus, engaging high potential members of various teams and reorganization. Smal steps of wisdom such as Weekly To-Do list or dynamic work allocation went a long way in improving the business ambience as opposed to critical appraisal systems where the productivity may be taken for a long walk under the occurrence of the same.

Mr. Khekale also talked about six step process of ‘Mission’ and ‘Role’ being long term and Goals and plans (To-Do list, Schedule and delegate) to be weekly point of focus. He also talked about the company policies of engaging and re-organizing the high potential people. There were greater than 95% retention and 75+ promotions and job moves. The speaker also spoke about the steps taken by the company in providing the women leaders an environment to work together. He spoke last but not the least about the  skills one should have as an HR which includes, strategic intelligence, energize organization, alignment, balance, speed, strength and compassion. In the world where numbers speak, one need to realise it is the humans to speak with numbers and it is imperative, we take care and value our human resources. After a truly engaging and interactive session, we thank Mr.Khekale for spending time us and sharing real life experiences that broadened our knowledge horizon.

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