From the Editor’s Desk

Mon, Feb 29, 2016

From the Editor's Desk

‘Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind,
the goal is to find it.”
- Buddha
A warm welcome to this January-February edition! We are glad to present this edition which is both lively and unique. We made the statement, so now the onus is on us to explain how this edition is lively and unique.
This period has been a festive season to our intellectual side. Distinguished corporate leaders and academicians visited our MBA, IME department. Their talks and lectures were motivational, inspiring and gave new insights to the corporate world. We have some articles capturing these memorable experiences.
We also have an article on the PG fest “Impressions”. It was a sparkling, energetic and euphoric event. It was fulfilling to see good management and healthy participation from MBA students. Dancing, singing, hosting, acting; we saw MBA transformers 6 that night. Bravos all the participants! You all were amazing.
And so, isn’t this edition looking lively? If you say not quite, please read the first article on land pricing. We read it and felt like, “yes, this is what is happening and needs to be corrected”. A thrilling and educating article on land mafia and possible solution. Further, there is an article on Indian banking system’s non-performing assets. Well, the article is simple to understand and can be useful to some of us who feel “Bank? There was a reason I dropped finance. Please no banking.”

There is a very awakening article written by one of our research scholars on “nation’s secularism”. It is rich in its explanation of secularism and also reasons on why India is suffering with communal hatred in today’s times? It is a good read to understand “Secularism in India”. Next is an article covering part of a project done under Prof. Rahul Varman. It has interesting information and good insights into Kanpur railway station organization. We are sure our readers can gain valuable knowledge. In this edition, two of our MBA students have shared their internship experience. It will be an informative read to know about internship of others. That’s all readers! No wait. We have also added a section of fun articles this time. So that makes this edition unique! Very interesting article in this section is on summation of natural numbers. It was mind-boggling when we read it. We think it will astound you too. Also, this section has articles on the MBA tour trip and badminton league. Both the events were fun-filled; we hope you enjoy the articles. And so, we take leave. We wish for good health of all the readers and also the non-readers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Special thanks to writers. Thank you all the readers. We wish you enjoy reading. Without you readers and writers, this magazine would not exist. So keep reading and keep writing. Keep smiling.
Team Avant Garde

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