Advantages of Case based learning methods, the 21st century MBA:

Thu, Dec 31, 2015


Case based methods of teaching in MBA programs are kind of unique and most suitable approach to follow for thorough understanding and development of crystal clear concepts of business practices. With the passing days this method is even approaching a far more matured shape and style. Cases from different domains enable the students to get a real good feel of what they are studying theoretically in classrooms. Solving cases and approaching the problems     from different points of views give students a hand on experience on real life management issues.

“There are those who advocate, and those who do. I’m not trying to slight my peers, but there is a difference between using a soapbox and actually getting your hands dirty.”

-Bon Jovi

Likewise, if you are not making your hands dirty by facing some real challenges through case based problems, you are definitely not going to feel the real pulse of an MBA Program.

Standing at this juncture of fast changing 21st century world, IIT Kanpur MBA program, with a vision to create world class business leaders of tomorrow is also no exception. The eminent faculties here believe entirely in class discussion and case based approach of study, rather than throwing management jargons and theoretical mug ups. The students also participate in class like a corporate house discusses its problems to reach solutions. The unique ways of discussing the cases and analyzing them from various points of views have made the teaching methodology of IME , MBA  a unique one.

With resources and case materials directly available from Harvard Business Review, IMD, Ivey Business School, Kellogg School of Management, the classes become a lively experience to visualize the real time business problems.  With every passing day, the students also look forward eagerly about the next case and the expected learning, obtainable from that. Even at times, we at IIT Kanpur face case based exams in end and mid semester evaluations.  The very lucidly written and informative cases also help us to understand in a more deep way about the industry, the company, the people, the business strategies, and marketing strategies and so on. In an essence, a case gives a complete overview of a business scenario, which is no inferior to a real life problem. In fact the cases are actually prepared from the real industry problems, with an aim to solve the situations by different approaches.

So, to conclude, every time when we face a case challenge, we have to put on the shoes of the manager of the firm and have to try out different ways. The case based teaching / problem based approach is the most contemporary and appropriate way to develop and nurture tomorrow’s business leaders. After all, business is done with clear understanding and experience and not by some theoretically gained knowledge. Yes knowledge should be gained definitely, but at the end it’s only the wisdom and ones sense of surroundings and experience that get counted.

By- Kinsuk Ghatak

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