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Thu, Oct 1, 2015

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Communication is an important aspect of business world. Communication is to organization as nervous system is to human body. Proper Communication can help a company to win contracts, make more revenues, have a larger satisfied customer base etc.  Internal communication in a company directs employees to a common goal and helps achieve effectiveness in the workplace. Often, conflicts among employees can be avoided through good communication.

The following examples show the importance of communication. If a manager has a potential new idea of a car design which could earn profits for the company, then this idea needs to be communicated to other involved employees. If there is no proper communication in the company, idea may not turn into reality, as expected. Another example is, often in companies, poor communication along the vertical hierarchy results in project delay. This affects the reputation of the company.

Communication in a business setting could be written or oral. It could also be formal or informal. In the earlier classification, written communication deals with report writing, minutes of meeting, emails etc. while oral communication includes listening and speaking skills. Communication also includes non-oral communication like body language or gestures. All the above mentioned forms of communication are important. Based on situation, an employee may need to use one of the types of communication. There are different rules for each of these types and an employee needs to be aware of the rules to be an effective communicator.

Since communication is crucial in business, an employee should strive to improve his/her communication skills. As a general solution, watching English movies without subtitles, speaking in English more often with friends, trying to write more and later evaluating with a friend, or reading a lot of books can all be a great help. A student of communication skills can prefer the mode of learning which suites him/her the best.

One can gain inspiration from iconic figures in business who had great communication skills. Steve Jobs communicated very well through his presentations. Through his effective presentation, he was able to do a lot of marketing of the product. He kept things simple and made a charming presence to draw people to apple’s value. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, believes that words are more important than numbers at Amazon [1]. Bezos, an important facilitator of effective communication in the company, maintains that communication has been vital in the success of Amazon.

So in conclusion, communication skills are vital for future aspiring business employees and with right effort one can master these skills.

Following links can be used to improve communication skills: – BBC – due credits to Susan Tardanico, contributor, Forbes.



K Prakash Raju

MBA 2015-17

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