Summer Internship-”Juniper Networks India Pvt. Ltd.”

Mon, Aug 31, 2015

Internship Experience

I completed my summer internship at Juniper Networks India Pvt Ltd at New Delhi from May 18, 2015 to July 17, 2015 as a Field Marketing intern. My experience with Juniper has been extremely fulfilling and enriching.

Juniper Networks was founded in 1996 by Mr. Pradeep Sindhu, an IIT Kanpur alumnus. One of the leading companies in network innovation, Juniper has headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. The Juniper product portfolio majorly offers network routing, switching and security solutions to two broad domains:

1. Enterprise/Commercial domain: it consists of various verticals such as government, education, manufacturing, health, web 2.0 and various other segments.

2. Service providers: these are the service provider telecommunication companies like Airtel, Vodafone etc.

Juniper Networks India Private Ltd is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which sells its products through channel partners and distributors. Juniper partners reach out to the customers and extend Juniper’s footprint and also provide system integration. To do this the partners need to be brought on board not only as a channel to sales but also as a system integrator where they deploy people on the ground to install and commission the network.

Juniper along with selling equipment also sells services like professional services to help the partners in designing and implementation. While the partners are at the front end of the process, Juniper provides expert support in marketing as well as in sales, presales and post sales in services.

During my two month internship duration, I was assigned a project on Lead generation and Partner enablement. My role was to study the lead generation process at Juniper and identify the problems and make recommendations based on the best practices followed in the industry. I had a chance to meet with the telemarketing team which was carrying out the lead generation process for Juniper. Based on the interaction with the telemarketing team and the lead generation team inside Juniper, I was able to understand the nitty gritties of marketing activities for demand generation.

For the other part of my project on partner enablement, I had to engage with the partners and get their feedback on partner enablement activities in practice and discuss with them any improvements for the process. I got in touch with various Juniper partners and had a wonderful opportunity to interact with people from various companies. I also got an opportunity to attend one of the roadshow events by Juniper for partner enablement which had me share the place with a lot of people from the industry- both inside and outside Juniper.

Throughout my internship tenure, I got to learn a lot about B2B Marketing and Sales, especially for a networking industry and how things work out in the real world. All the events and meetings with various people made my job really dynamic and interactive. Being a fresher, this was my first experience of the corporate world and it was overwhelming. The work culture at Juniper is really good and for the brief time that I spent in the office, I became a part of that culture and the organization, receiving all the necessary support from my manager and other colleagues at every point of time. It has been a lifetime experience for me with immense learning.


Chhavi Kataria

MBA 2014-16

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