From the Editor’s Desk

Tue, Oct 1, 2013

From the Editor's Desk

After the insightful and knowledgeable September 2013 edition of Avant Garde we bring to you another AG edition covering various issues and presenting our opinions on the most important business issues.
September 2013 has ended with blast as IIT Kanpur MBA students have successfully conducted the Analytics Case Competition and Symposium 2013 with eminent speakers from leading analytics industry have ad- dressed the students and shared their knowledge about the analytics industry. Somnath Bhattacharya from MBA Batch 2013-15 has covered the article about the same in this edition.
Sanjoy Saha of MBA Batch 2013-15 gives his take on the recent Joint venture of Tata—AirAsia . It covered the details about the Joint venture and its implication for Indian Airline industry.
With organizations increasing focus on their supply chain to reduce the cost of the operations at a time when Indian manufacturing companies are trying to sustain the growth, Rahul Kumar Sah of MBA Batch 2013- 15 talks about sustainability of supply chain and different levels of supply chain.
The Land bill 2013 finally saw the light of the day and has been approved in the parliament of India. But will it really serve the purpose of benefiting the society at large or it will add another obstacle in the development of the country? Ramakrishna Majumdar of MBA Batch 2012-14 covers the article about the same analyzing some of the clauses of the bill and presenting his take on the bill.
Finally, No business completes without finance. Sushil Panigrahi of MBA Batch 2012-14 explains about the Mutual fund industry of India.He explains the fundamentals of the mutual fund industry and goes on to talk about the future challenges of the mutual fund industry in India.
This issue also covers the business quiz and would help you to test and enhance your knowledge of business sector.
We hope that you like this edition of Avant Garde.
We await your comments, criticism and appreciation.
Feel free to post your comments on the articles in the “Add Comment” section (for the online edition).
Till the next issue, wish you a Happy Reading!

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