Lecture Series: Transitioning to Remote Teaching


Lecture 1 (Jul 2, 2020)


Transitioning to Remote Teaching: Moving Online with MooKIT 

Prof. T. V. Prabhakar (IIT Kanpur)

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    Slides (PDF)


Lecture 2 (Jul 6, 2020)


Transitioning to Online Instruction (from face-to-face classrooms)

Prof. Sridhar Iyer & Mr. Ashutosh Raina (IIT Bombay)

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Online Instruction
Part 3: Preparing Contents and Technology Tools
Part 4: OBS Software, Upload & Sharing, Examples
Part 5: Q&A
More details: self-paced course on online teaching


Lecture 3 (Jul 13, 2020)


Online Digital Learning and Education, Pedagogy and Assessment

Prof. K. Mangala Sunder (IIT Madras)

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Pedagogy & Andragogy
Part 3: Remote Teaching & Evaluation
Part 4: Content Pedagogy
Part 5: Q&A


Lecture 4 (Jul 16, 2020)


Ethical aspects and issues in online instruction and teaching resources

Prof. S. Anantha Ramakrishna (IIT Kanpur)

Part 1: What is Academic Ethics?
Part 2: Ethical Aspects of Online Teaching
Part 3: Copyright Issues
Part 4: Q&A

Slides (PDF)


Lecture 5 (Jul 20, 2020)


Creating e-Lectures: How to Start?

Prof. Arijit Kundu, Mr. Bhavjeet Singh, Prof. Nitin Gupta, Prof. Rajat Mittal, Ms. Vasundhara Rakesh, and Mr. Aditya Vadlamani (IIT Kanpur)


Part 1: Tour Through the Webpage
Part 2: Recording Through Tablets
Part 3: Activepresenter
Part 4: Voiceover with Microsoft Powerpoint
Part 5: Hosting Lectures in MooKIT
Part 6: Q&A
Presentation (PDF)


Lecture 6 (Jul 27, 2020)


Prutor: An Intelligent Tutoring System for Programming

Prof. Amey Karkare (IIT Kanpur)

Part 1: Introduction & Features
Part 2: Student & Administrator Interfaces
Part 3: Demo


Lecture 7 (Jul 31, 2020)


Online Assessment and Evaluation

Prof. T. V. Prabhakar (IIT Kanpur)

Lecture Notes (PDF)
Part 1: Solution Architecture
Part 2: Problems of Assessment
Part 3: Assessments with mooKIT
Part 4: Experience - Prof. Neeraj Mishra
Part 5: Experience - Prof. M. Harbola & Discussions


Lecture 8 (Aug 04, 2020)


Proctor-less Online Assesments

Mr. Prashant Gautam and Mr. Vaibhav Vashisht (Acadly)

Lecture Notes (PDF)
Resources (PDF)
Part 1: Formative vs Summative
Part 2: Grading in Continuous Assessments
Part 3: Demo of Continuous Assessments using Acadly
Part 4: Discussions


mooKIT Training Session (Aug 28, 2020)


mooKIT Training Session

Dr. Neeta Singh (mooKIT Team, IIT Kanpur)

Training Video
Slides (PDF)