Ms. Archana Verma

A talented and spontaneous teacher who works full time at Snehan. She has travelled with Snehan right from the beginning and is an integral part of the core team. Archana has a natural flair for guiding the children in their day-to-day activities and creates a warm, secure and fun-filled learning environment for them through her experience and knowledge. She works closely with both the play group and the activity group.

Ms. Shuvi

Shuvi brings with her, her passion for music, songs and rhymes which every child at Snehan loves. She works closely with the play group by formulating innumerable ideas for developing fine and gross motor skills in children, story-telling, prayer time, etc.

Ms. Sharmistha Banerjee

A dynamic creative art instructor and our in-house expert on music, Sharmistha works with the activity group thrice a week concentrating on nurturing the fine art capabilities of children. Her often witty and jolly songs are a treat for the children. She also does theme-oriented craft activities with them which are centered on pre-determined learning goals.

Ms. Jayatri Biswas Chanda, Sayanti Rakshit and Sapna Agarwal conduct the ‘Weekend Daycare’. The teachers plan and supervise themes and ideas to keep the children engaged thereby providing a creative learning environment to them.

The teaching staff at Snehan is assisted by five experienced girls -- Radha Devi, Tara Thapa, Suman Singh, Dolly Rawat, Kiran Singh. They have successfully integrated themselves into Snehan and are the backbone of the entire unit. Well-versed in handling any and every situation, these hard-working assistants are committed to the children and help in the smooth functioning of the Snehan.