Parents' Views

Since November 2014, the year it started functioning, Snehan has received overwhelming response from the campus community.


“As parents, we are very thankful to the wonderful team at Snehan for grooming and nurturing our daughter with affection. We appreciate and congratulate you for creating such a warm environment for kids.”
- Rishabh Sarswat, March 2015



“The activity group was amazing, and our home is filled with memories of their artworks. Kids learnt drawing, crafts, singing, no-fire cooking and several other things. Not a single day was boring for them.”
- Chaitali Dangarikar, 2015



“One commendable thing is the cleanliness and hygienic atmosphere maintained in Snehan.”
- Angana, 2016



“It was a joyful experience to hear our son sing rhymes and dance to their tunes, narrate his picnic day at nursery, draw a sitting camel, fill his books with colours and many more such colorful memories.”
- Anurag Gupta, 2017