The fundamental learning experience

Age Group :

 1 to 2 years

Duration :

 Half Day (9 AM to 1 PM)
 Full Day ( 9 AM to 6 PM)

The foremost task for the care giver is to establish a stable, loving and an emotional relationship with the child. In the “settling in period” (which varies from child to child) when the child learns to accept a world away from the home environment, establishes a bond between the teacher and the child. When the trust is cemented, the child slowly learns to explore her/his environment.

The youngest in Snehan belong to the Crèche. This young group is a safe haven for the toddlers who are taking their very first steps in exploring the world around them. The daily routine followed in the Crèche provides ample time for the children to foray into many delightful, learning experiences along with intervals where they can rest and have a break. They have their own room to engage in various activities at their own pace. Their many “firsts” happen here (first step, first word, first social contact, etc.). A dedicated teacher and attendants are there to guide them in every step of the way.

We also make sure that the children spend a certain amount of time with older kids during prayer/rhyme sessions, to encourage their social skills and widen their exposure. The complexities of interacting with older kids and the dynamics of being in an active group help them get ready for the next step.

Key Aspects in CRECHE curriculum:

  • Physical and motor development, increase in mobility and control
  • Environment exploration—once the child starts walking
  • Cognitive development—towards mental representation and symbolic thinking
  • Language development: letters to words to sentences
  • Rhythm: music and movement
  • Art for children
  • Socio-emotional development: expanding relationship and the emerging self
  • Nurturing creativity