Coordinator’s Prologue

Each child is unique; but their development follows a universal process. For a child, play is work, and work is play. They learn during their play activities and gradually enhance their skills and knowledge. Play fosters development in all areas - physical and motor development, emotional development, cognitive development and language development. It is normal and healthy for a child to learn through exploration and discovery, through playing and fantasy. And it is a fact that even the best of families cannot normally provide the kind of stimulating play activities and the company of other children, that a preschool is able to provide. There is a great advantage, joy as well, in collective activity, sharing and learning.

As a team leader and instructor of the Early Child Care Centre, my ideology for SNEHAN is based on the “Open Concept” and the “Play Way” method. As all our activities are based on the holistic approach of pedagogy, I focus on four key requirements - physical environment, sensory organs, every day learning experience and language development.

In formulating our teaching methodology, my focus is on basic factors such as - the layout of the class area, hand-on activities, materials used, and the balance of teacher driven vis-a vis child driven activities. The key behind my philosophy is to maintain the ideal balance of creativity and flexibility, structured in a manner that makes learning a joy for the children. My prime desire is to develop an emotional engagement between teacher and child which in turn pave way for a powerful and in-depth learning experience. That is why I bring love, laughter, passion and meaningful project work into our Child Care Centre.
- Ms.Ranjita Chandra