Center for Mechatronics
IIT Kanpur

M.Tech Students

Sr.No. Title Name PI Year
Experimental Evaluation of a multi agent based capture and guidance of a 2D prismatic object avoiding obstacles Mr. Vijaysingh Shinde Dr. Ashish Dutta 2009
Recurrent neural net based control of an exoskeleton for rehabilitation. Mr. Himanshu Akholkar Dr. Ashish Dutta 2009
Design and development of a Lunar Rover for motion on unstructured terrain Mr. Harjinder Singh Dr. Ashish Dutta 2010
Vision based Soil Classification and wheel slip prediction for lunar rover type wheel Mr. Bennami Singh Dr. Ashish Dutta 2010
Development of an advanced face feature tracking framework using system of systems approach Mr. Himansu Singh Dr. Ashish Dutta 2010
Infringement Analysis of Two Rigid Objects of Arbitrary Shapes: The Planar Case Mr. Ashish Prajapati Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta 2010
A Variational Approach to Path Planning of Under actuated Manipulators Mr. Anshul Badnikar Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta 2010
Optimal Design and Trajectory Generation of a Biped robot with Compliant Legs Mr. Sandeep Thakur Dr. Ashish Dutta 2011
Volumetric Infringement Analysis of Two Rigid Objects of arbitrary Shapes in 3D Space Mr. Sunil Singh Tomar Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta 2011
A Potential Field Method for Autonomous Lunar Rover Navigation in Three Dimensional Terrain Mr. Parth N. Nanadikar Dr. Ashish Dutta 2011
A Variational Method for Collision free Paths in constrained Environments for Under actuated Manipulators Mr. Prashant Kumar Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta 2011
Design and control of Multi - Agents for the Transportation of object in Extended 2D Terrain Mr. Sharad Singhania Dr. Ashish Dutta 2011
Optimal design and control of leg skeleton based on Human Motion data (CD) Mr. Ved Prakash Dr. Ashish Dutta 2011
Kinematic Analysis of a six wheel rover for motion on uneven Terrain Mr. Prateek Jain Dr. Ashish Dutta 2011
Families of Basis Functions for Pareto - Set Parameterization in Multi - Objective Optimization Mr. Rambhaj Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta 2011
Vision Based Robotics Peg in Hole Assembly Mr. K. Arun Dr. Ashish Dutta 2012
Path Planning in Constrained Workspaces with Spring assisted Under actuated Manipulators Mr. Avinash Kumar Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta 2012
Kinematics and Experiments of a Six Wheel Rover on Uneven Terrain Mr. Satish Sahu Dr. Ashish Dutta 2012
Optimal Design of a Gravity Balancing Leg Exoskeleton Mr. Vipin Kumar Singh Dr. Ashish Dutta 2012
Design of a Biped with Compliant Legs and Generation of its Optimal Leg Trajectory Mr. Sagar Sahu Dr. Ashish Dutta 2012
Modeling of RNA Loops by Simulated annealing Mr. Naveen Kumar Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta 2012
Learning Based Control of a Three Finger Exoskeleton Using EMG Signal Mr. Jitendra Ksahiram Prajapati Dr. Ashish Dutta 2012
RNA Loop Modeling Through an Optimization Approach Mr. Mahendra Kumar Gohil Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta 2013
Design and Assembly of Modular Manipulators for Constrained Environments Mr. Piyush Rai Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta 2013
Optimal design of a gravity balanced leg exoskeleton for augmenting load carrying capacity Mr. Narendra Tripathi Dr. Ashish Dutta 2013
Optimal design of a three finger exoskeleton for translation of objects Mr. Shyam Sunder Nishad Dr. Ashish Dutta 2013
Volumetric Mapping of Domains For Facilitation of computational Analysis Mr. Animesh Pandey Dr. Bhasker Dasgupta 2013