Physics Workshop

The Physics Workshop, under the Department of Physics at IIT Kanpur forms the backbone of the experimental research carried out in the Department. Most of the fabrication, modification and maintainence of the experimental apparatus and accesories are carried out here by well trained personnel.

The workshop houses all the basic facilities like Lethe, Do-All, Drill, Milling etc., with a provision for gas welding and silver brazing.

Job request can be made to the Physics Workshop by submitting a Job Indent form.


Procedure for applying:

For departmental requirements, job requests to the Physics Workshop can be made by filling up the Job request Indent form, with approval from the competent authority (Thesis-Supervisor / Faculty-Advisor / Faculty-in-charge Physics Workshop).

For out of department requirements, indentors are required to submit an application to the HOD, Physics with approval from competent authority of their own department.

Please note that, proper description of the job, clear design (hand-sketch / word-document / Autocad) with unambiguous dimensions, and discussion with the workshop personnel will ensure efficient execution of the job.


Download: Job request Indent form