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Run Mathematica hosted on Linux on your Windows Desktop [June 12, 2010]

Don't fall prey to these tricks

Hassle Free Backup

Rogue Anti-Spyware

Task Manager not opening?

Security Checklist (updated 23 Jul 2010)

Must read: Windows Users

Please practice these security measures on your PC


Run Linux on Windows without dual booting.

Want  to enjoy a Real Linux Desktop without having to dual boot? There is a way.


Important Virus Alert

There is a virus named Blackmail (also known as Mywife).


Announcement by Head, CC

two new systems running  LINUX (RHEL4)  have been installed in the computer center.


Instructions for installing Microstation 2004 v8

Announcement by Head, CC

"akash1" and akash2". 


Recent additions to the CC ftp server