Departmental Committees 2023-2024

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

31 August, 2023

The following Departmental Committees have been constituted for the session 2023 - 2024

1. Faculty Meeting Convener SB
2. DPGC SSS (Convenor), NPG, NC, TM, SM
3. DUGC SI (Convenor), VV, KK, DG
4. Member, Senate Library Committee RM
5. Software labs + Departmental Website/Social Media NB
6. MSE Seminars (including weekly seminar by senior PhD students and faculty) RY, SO
7. Member, Students Placement Committee AM
8. MSES Advisor (UG & PG) ST
9. Space KaB (Convener), RM, AG, SSS*
10. Budget NC, NPG, RS, MK
11. Department Newsletter, Annual Report & Director's report NB, SG
12. Staff Affairs RS (Convener), KaB, SS, AKS, ShS
13. Summer Training & Internship(SURGE) AM
14. Dept. IRDC Representative SKJ
15. Dept. DORA Representative VV
16. Summer & Winter Edu. Tour RaS (Summer and Winter)
17. MSE Awards committee KrB (Convenor), AU, KK, RaS, DG
18. IPDF committee AU (Convenor), SKJ, MK, TM, AG
19. DOSA Coordination committee SG
20. REO review committee SS (Convener), SB, KrB, RY
21. PMRF nomination committee (Department) ShS (Convener), SO, AKS, SI

All Committees except DUGC, DPGC and SLC take charges from 01.09. 2023. DUGC, DPGC and SLC, assume charge with effect from 01.10.2023.

* Mr. S.K. Agnihotri is the staff member as per Constitution.