Gyan Prakash Bajpai (Sr. Technical Superintendent)

MBA, Master in Economics and Political Science, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Specialization : Experimental Welding, Metal Forming, Casting and Physical Verification
Areas of Interest : Manufacturing, Metallography, Verification
Office : Western Lab 103E
Lab1 : Physical Metallurgy Lab WL201
Email : ,
Website :
Phone : +91 512 259 7862, 7933

Anil Kumar Verma (Sr. Technical Superintendent)

Intermediate + CTI
Specialization : Welding, Brazing and Metal Working
Areas of Interest : Manufacturing Process and Mechanical Testing
Office : TA201 (W/S Extension)
Lab1 : Engineering Metallurgy Lab | Lab2 : Phase Stability Lab-(WL-214)
Email :
Website :
Phone : +91 512 259 7978, 7934

Surendra Kumar Agnihotri (Sr. Technical Superintendent)

B.Sc., Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Specialization : Manufacturing Processes
Areas of Interest : Microscopy, AutoCAD Designing , Verification & Stock Keeping
Office : MME Workshop
Lab1 : MME Workshop | Lab2 : Western Labs 203
Email :
Website :
Phone : +91 512 259 7969, 7140

K. S. Tripathi (Technical Superintendent)

Intermediate + ITI
Specialization : High Temperature Furnace and Mineral Processing
Areas of Interest : Electronic materials, Vacuum Coating, Equipment Operation and Maintenance
Office: Western Labs 104
Lab1: Western Labs 105
Lab2: Process Metallurgy Lab, MSE Clean room, Multi-Functional Materials Lab. (EMG Group)
Phone: +91 512 259 7263, 7943

Manohar Oraon (Technical Superintendent)

B.E. (Metallurgy)
Specialization : Experimental Metallurgy
Areas of Interest : Physical Metallurgy, Materials Characterization, Mechanical Metallurgy, XRD, DSC, TEM
Office: TEM Lab.
Lab1: TEM Lab. (WL-107) | Lab2: Symmetry Lab. (WL-207)
Phone: +91 512 259 7147/6049

Samata Samal (Technical Superintendent)

B.E. (Metallurgy)
Specialization : Metallurgy and Material Science
Areas of Interest : Scanning Electron Microscope, Material Characterization
Office: Material Science Lab
Lab1: Western Lab-203
Lab2: SEM Lab (WL 103A)
Phone: +91 512 259 7140, 6053

Shiva Kant Mishra (Technical Superintendent)

PhD (Chemistry)
Specialization : Materials Science & Materials Characterization/Analytical Chemistry/ Instruments Analysis (X-ray Diffraction, NMR, FTIR, UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy, DSC, etc.) Green Synthesis
Areas of Interest : Synthesis of novel materials, Single crystal growth, Characterization of Binary organic materials to explore NLO properties (Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, SHG etc.), Device and furnace fabrication, Powder Metallurgy, Mirco Structural and Thermal Characterizations, Tribology, Heat Treatment Rolling, Injection Moulding Etc. Also Interested to Synthesize/investigate new materials for improvement of technology
Office: Physical Metallurgy Lab./Room No. 413, MSE office
Lab: Physical Metallurgy Lab
Phone: +91 512 259 7933

Indra Pal Singh (Technical Superintendent)

Intermediate + ITI
Specialization : Manufacturing Process , Metal Forming (Sheet Metal Process, Rolling, Cold & Hot Forging Swaging
Areas of Interest : Manufacturing Processes, Heat Treatment, Welding, Moulding and Casting, Electronics materials & thin film processes and Equipments operation
Office: Thin Film & Electronics Materials Lab, Western Labs -108, 203
Lab1: TA 201 MSE LAB (Engineering Metallurgy Laboratory)
Lab2: Thin Film & Electronics Materials Lab, WL 105,106,204-E, (Clean Room,113)
Phone: 91 512 259 7978, 7865, 7935,7915
Mobile: +91 9452 961 465

Sheelendra Agnihotri (Technical Superintendent)

M.Sc. (Electronics)
Specialization : Manufacturing Process
Areas of Interest : Powder Metallurgy, Metallography,Metal Working, (Rolling, Forging and Swaging) Welding, Casting Sheet metal, TEM, XRD
Office: Powder Metallurgy Lab. WL -104 E
Lab1: Powder Metallurgy Lab. WL -104 E,109 A ,208
Lab2: Stractural Nano Materials Lab (WL-104 D)
Phone: +91 512 259 7342, 7278

Nripen Deka (Technical Superintendent)

M.Sc. (Chemistry)
Specialization : Functional Materials
Areas of Interest : Electrical and Ionic Conductivity of Materials
Office: Engineering Metallurgy Lab
Lab1: Engineering Metallurgy Lab (TA-201) | Lab2: Gas Cell
Phone: +91 512 259 7978

Rakesh Kumar (Sr. Technician)

Graduate, Pilot
Specialization : Aircraft Maintenance and Sheet Metal
Areas of Interest : Flying & Repairing of Aircraft, Sheet Metal
Lab: TA-201 Engineering Metallurgy lab
Phone: +91 512 259 7978
Mobile: +91 9415 479 184

Gaurav Mishra (Sr. Technician)

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Specialization : Powder Metallurgy
Areas of Interest : Mechanical Testing, Powder Metallurgy Machining and Welding
Lab1: Engineering Metallurgy Lab
Lab2: Non Equilibrium Process & Corrosion Lab
Lab3: Solid Diffusion & Thermo Kinetics Lab
Phone: +91 512 259 7978

Bharat Raj Singh (Sr. Technician)

Intermediate + MTI
Specialization : Metal Working, Welding
Areas of Interest : Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Molding, Casting, Forging, & Solar Panel Assembly
Lab1: Electro Ceramics Lab WL-109
Lab2: Computation Lab (WL-312)
Phone: +91 512 259 6752, 6703

Gyanendra Singh (Sr. Technician)

B.Sc. + ANSI
Specialization : Manufacturing Processes, General Maintenance and Operation
Areas of Interest : Welding,Brazing,Casting,Metal Forming & Material Characterization
Lab1: Bio-materials Processing& Characterization Lab.
Lab2: Microstructure Modelling & Simulation Lab WL-312B
Lab3: Engineering Metallurgy Lab
Phone: +91 512 259 7920

Anurag Prasad (Jr. Technician)

B TECH Mechanical Engineering
Specialization : Material Science, Manufacturing Process
Areas of Interest : Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Metallurgy, Scanning Electron Microscope, Thermodynamics
Office: Process Steel & Research Lab WL 101 A
Lab1: SEM WL 103 A
Lab2: Western Lab 101 C
Lab3: Functional Material Lab WL: 203
Website: anuragp
Phone: +91 512 259 6277, 7140, 6053

Shilankar (Jr. Technician)

B-Tech, Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
Specialization : Network analysis, Electrical & Optical characterization of semiconductor devices
Areas of Interest : Thin film deposition
Office: Engineering. Metallurgy Lab
Lab1: Clean room Laboratory
Lab2: Thin Film Characterization
Website: slankar
Phone: +91 512 259 7978, 7865,7915

Samardeep (Sr. Technician)

M.Sc (Chemistry)
Specialization : Fatigue testing (MTS), TEM Sample preparation
Areas of Interest : Materials Characterization, Mechanical Metallurgy
Office: Faculty building 416
Lab: Western Lab extension (WLE 116)
Phone: +91 512 259 7959

Ajay Pratap Singh (Sr. Technician)

B.Tech in Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
Specialization : Heat treatment of low and medium carbon steel, SG Iron, Investment casting, Sand casting, Mechanical Testing, Hardness Testing, Micro structure examination
Areas of Interest : Iron and Steel Making, Physical Metallurgy
Office: Engineering Metallurgy Lab.
Lab1:. TA -201 and Physical Metallurgy Lab.
Website: ajayps
Phone: +91 512 259 7978

Govind (Jr. Technician)

B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering)
Specialization : Software and web development (Joomla, Wordpress, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL), Graphics designing using Coreldraw & Photoshop, and Other IT Related Work.
Areas of Interest : Website designing, software development, Video Editing and Graphics designing.
Office: Room No. 413, 4th Floor, Faculty Building
Phone: +91 512 259 6680

Guddu Kumar (Sr. Assistant)

MA (Sociology), DCA
Specialization : Administrative work, Budgeting, store and purchase, PG Admission
Areas of Interest : Administrative Work
Office: Room No.413, 4th Floor, Faculty Building
Phone: +91 512 259 7640

Aniket Dwivedi (Jr. Assistant)

B.E in Electronics & Communication Engineering
Specialization : Office Administration
Areas of Interest : Administrative Work, Correspondence
Office: Room No.413, 4th Floor, Faculty Building
Website: Aniket-Dwivedi-8/blogs
Phone: +91 512 259 7640

A. C. Saini (Sr. Attendent)

Office: Engineering Metallurgy Lab
Lab1: Engineering Metallurgy Lab
Lab2: Extractive Metallurgy Lab
Phone: +91 512 259 7978, 7943

Former Staff

Ravindra Agnihotri (move to ACMS)

B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering)
Specialization : Project Management, Microcontrollers, Wordpress, Internet of Things, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, AWS
Areas of Interest : Automation, Image Processing, Microcontrollers, Energy Harvesting Materials, Wearable Electronics, Sensors

Mewa Lal

Narinder Pal Singh

Ram Babu Dubey

Late Jiwan Lal Kuri

Late Sushila Devi


S. B. Shukla

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O. P. Awasthhi

V. P. Srivastava

M. H. Rahman

V. P. Vohra

S. R. Chaurasia

S. C. D. Aroro

R. K. Prasad

D. K. Biswas

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