Lab Norms

  1. To avoid injury, the student must take the permission of the laboratory staff before handling any machine. Careless handling of machines may result in serious injury.
  2. While working in the lab, proper attire should be maintained by the student. Half pants, loosely hanging garments, slippers and sandals are absolutely not allowed in the lab
  3. Standard Operating procedure is given for each machine. Please follow all steps strictly
  4. Use the machines carefully and never play with any machine, In case you need to change the settings of your experiment, please ask the lab in charge before doing it.
  5. Students must ensure that their work areas are clean and dry to avoid slipping.
  6. For joining process experiment (Welding and Brazing), student must wear leather apron, hand gloves, proper jacket, welding helmet, and eye protection glass to perform the experiment. Student not wearing proper attire will not be allowed to work.
  7. At the end of experiment, students must clear off all tools and materials from the work area.
  8. During Sheet Metal forming wearing cotton hand gloves must be compulsory.
  9. For metal casting, wear eye protection, gloves, spats (covering top of feet), and thick clothing protecting all exposed skin on arms and legs. NO polyester or synthetic clothing allowed.
  10. After completing the experiment , student must do log book entry kept in the lab
  11. In case of any misconduct/not following the lab rules, the student will be suspended from the availing the facility by the faculty convener.