MSE at IITK houses most of modern facilities that are required for state of the art research. The department has range of equipments for materials processing, structural characterization, property evaluation, and mechanical testing. The department also has number of teaching laboratories which are also equipped with research facilities. These facilities are primarily for the departmental research and teaching purpose. However, it is opened for the other users from other colleges, universities, research centers and industries. Outside department users can approach the individual lab in-charge to use the corresponding facilities.

Raman and PL Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy provides information molecular vibrations, crystal structure, orientation and stress.

Engineering Metallurgy Laboratory

This lab equipped with series of welding techniques, metal casting, sheet metal working, and typical metal deformation techniques including rolling, forging, swaging etc.

Scanning Electron Microscope

SEM provides topographic information about the materials through SE, BSE, EBSD and elemental analysis.

Materials Science Laboratory

This lab includes series of experimental setup related to materials science, biomaterial, semiconductors, solar cells etc. for teaching as well as research.

Transmission Electron Microscope

This analytical TEM provides nearly complete microstructural analysis such as imaging, micro-, nano-diffraction, CBED, lattice imaging and elemental analysis.

Materials Testing Laboratory

This lab envisaged for evaluating the mechanical properties through tensile testing, hardness, creep, fatigue, impact testing etc.

X Ray Diffraction Facility

This facility offers measurements such as ambient, high and low temperature polycrystalline XRD, Texture and residual analysis etc.

Physical Metallurgy Laboratory

This lab facilitates nearly complete metallurgical investigations including heat treatment, metallography, hardness testing etc.

Metallurgical Workshop

Typical workshop machineries such as lathe, drilling, cutting, machining etc., support for designing research apparatus and making standard specimens.

Process Metallurgy Laboratory

This lab provides insight about different mineral processing involved in ferrous and non-ferrous metal extraction.