The Engineering Metallurgy Lab of our department is housed with training equipment's related to manufacturing processes like casting, sheet metal forming, and material joining process. There are two courses running in this lab namely, Introduction to Manufacturing Processes (TA 201A) and departmental compulsory course Manufacturing Process Lab (MSE 315A).

The TA 201A is a core course, done by all department second year undergraduate students of IIT Kanpur and have both mechanical as well as metallurgical engineering aspects. In this course, students will be exposed to various manufacturing processes and gets a hands on experience in basic manufacturing process such as sheet metal forming, casting, welding, and brazing etc. However, in MSE 315A students will be explored to a different aspect of phase diagrams, solidification, microstructure as well as different material deformation processing techniques.

This lab is also furnished with various kind of instruments which are being used by the PG students of the department for their research work such as cold and hot rolling, induction furnaces, muffle and tube furnaces, controlled environment sintering furnaces, swaging machine, hydraulic press machine etc.