From the editor’s desk

Thu, Nov 5, 2015

From the Editor's Desk

“If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.” -Thomas Edison

Greetings to all the readers from team Avant Garde! We welcome the batch back from the holidays. This is the October edition! We have lined up an array of interesting and informative articles. We wish you enjoy reading this magazine of yours.
First up, it’s a pride to announce that one of our 1st year group has achieved a momentous victory at IIM Indore’s flagship
event. We have an article covering this glorious success story!
Our PhD scholars have written thought provoking articles. PhD scholar Vikas Sangwan has written an article on “Dividend
distribution policy”. The article explains the concept of “dividend taxation”. It talks on how dividend taxation evolved in
India and what improvements we can still look for. PhD scholar Priyanka Sharma, a maggi loyalist herself, has written a
fascinating article “How to tackle brand crisis?” citing the downfall of Nestle maggi. In a lucid style, she explains how maggi
fell from a sky high position and how companies could avoid such a fate. We are sure readers would be glued to this article.
We have an article by Arpit Jain on “Yuan devaluation”. This article gives us insights into the recent shocking incident of
“yuan devaluation”. The article has been written in simple and easy-to-read style. Karthik Bajaj has written an exciting
and stimulating article on “3D printer technology”. He calls it a “magic” and in a novelistic style takes us into questioning
the dark side of 3D printing.
Coming back to the world of IIT Kanpur, we have an article on the recent KPMG green belt programme. In a crisp style,
Bhavna has written about this 4 day event and how students benefitted from it. As promised in the last edition, we present
an article on ‘Vihangam’15’ – the cultural fest of IME department. Manpreet has written it beautifully, sharing the events,
experiences and vibrancy of this fest.
So this October edition is a compliation of fascination, education, experience, joy and more! We have a pleasure presenting
this edition to you. We are pushing barriers and reaching greater heights with every edition. We wish to come back with
a much more exciting and value-adding edition, next month. Till then, enjoy this reading! Bye from our end.:)

Thank you
Team Avant Garde

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