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1. What is known as Slash Funds?

2. In financial terms what does bridge loan means?

3. In the Deming Quality cycle, what does PDCA mean?

4. Bank of the Middle East, Dubai is maintaining an account with SBI Mumbai. SBI Mumbai calls this account as
(a)Nostro account
(b) Vostro account
(c) Loro account
(d) Mirror account

5. The amount that can be realized by a company if it sells its business as an operating one is termed as
(a) Going Concern value
(b) Market value
(c) Book value
(d) Replacement value

6. Which of the following Players cannot act as a borrower in the call money market?
(a) Discount and financial House of India
(b) SBI
(c) SBI Mutual Fund
(d) Securities trading corporation of India

7. Entry barrier are those things in place that can make entry into market difficult. Which of the following is not an entry barrier?
(a) Economics of scale
(b) High capital requirement
(c) Low asset salvage value
(d) Proprietary products

8. Which of the following functions of warehousing uses the warehouse as a station for transferring goods from one place to another?
(a)Stock mixing
(b)Batch method
(c)Cross docking
(d)Continuous method

9. Account where lump sum investment is made for specific period is
(a)Term Deposit account
(b)Savings account
(c)Current account
(d)Recurring deposit

10. CRR and SLR are which types of reserves
(a) Cash
(b) Depository
(c) Statutory
(d) None of the above

11. Finance service offered by PFC does not include
(a) Term loan
(b) Lease Finance
(c) Loan syndication
(d) Insurance

12. Which of the following types of layout is commonly used for JIT Manufacturing?
(c)Straight line
(d)Comb arrangement

13. In which of the following work measurement techniques, an analyst is not required to measure work performance?
(a) Time study
(b) Standard Data
(c) Historical Analysis
(d) Both B and C

14. When an emergency occurs, Appointment systems use which of the following for the purpose of scheduling?
(a) Optimistic time
(b) Most likely time
(c) Slash time
(d) Earliest start time

15. SENSEX is calculated using which of the following method?
(a) IFRS Defined
(b) SEBI Defined
(c) Market Turnover
(d) Market Capitalization

16. The NSE Nifty Index comprise of how many companies?
(a) 30
(b) 60
(c) 50
(d) 100

17. A future contract is nothing but a forward contract that is
(a) Sold by mutual fund
(b) Sold by RBI
(c) Exchange traded
(d) Traded across the counter

18. DRDO takes order to manufacture spares of aircraft engine. It takes order from ISRO and Indian Air Force. What kind of finished goods inventory policy they should adopt?
(a)Produce to stock
(b)Fixed order period
(c)Produce to order
(d)Economic order quantity

19. Which of the following arguments for “protection” is given to compensate the country for loss in revenue when price elasticity of import demand is greater than zero?
(a)Home-market argument
(b)Employment argument
(c)Terms-of-trade argument
(d)Keep-money-at-home argument

20. The appropriate type of lay out for the purpose of the Automobile manufacturing is
(a) Product layout
(b) Process layout
(c) Grouping Technology layout
(d) Fixed Position Layout

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Chintan Parikh
Team AG
MBA Batch 2012-14
IIT Kanpur

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