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Intelligent Data Engineering and Automation (IDEA) Laboratory
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

Welcome to IDEA Lab

Intelligent Data Engineering and Automation (IDEA) Lab is a part of department of electrical engineering at IIT Kanpur and is led by Dr. Nishchal K. Verma. Research at IDEA Lab mainly focuses on Intelligent Informatics, Computer vision, Electrical Systems and Bioinformatics. The primary goal of the lab is to develop technologies and tools which address the various complex and challenging problems affecting the real-world especially where traditional approaches are not that effective. On the theoretical front, our emphasis is on finding algorithms for the central tasks in data mining and computer vision, such as dimensionality reduction, clustering and classification algorithms. Currently, computer vision group is developing a predictor based system which can generate future images based on past image sequence as input to the system.

In parallel to theoretical research, new applications like Smartphone based Intelligent Condition Based Monitoring System, Sensitive Position Finder, Future Image Frame Generator using smart computing devices i.e. Smartphone, palmtop are being developed at the lab. Our lab also facilitates the BCI lab where we have the emotiv epoc, a 14-channel high-resolution wireless EEG system for conducting various experiments on real time EEG signals. Apart from this, Transducers and Instrumentation virtual laboratory is setup for UG students for conducting experiments online and offline to better understand the working of various transducers and related instruments.