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EE617A: Industrial Automation & Control (2018-19 Sem I)

Course Contents

Introduction to Industrial Automation and Control, Architecture of Industrial Automation Systems, measurement Systems, Specifications, Temperature, Pressure, Force, level, Flow, pH, Humidity, Current, Voltage, Power, Frequency, Speed, Displacement (Linear and Angular) Instruments, Signal Conditioning Circuits, Data Acquisition System, Error and Calibration, Basics of Pattern recognition and Knowledge discovery. Monitoring, Automation and Control, Introduction to Process Control, PID Control, Controller Tuning, Implementation of PID Controllers, Special Control Structures (Feed Forward ,Ratio Control, Predictive Control, Control of Systems with Inverse response, Cascade, Override and Split Range Control), Sequence and Logic Control, PLCs, CNC machines, Actuators (Control Valve, Hydraulic Actuator Systems, Industrial Hydraulic Circuits, Pneumatic Control Components and Pneumatic Control Systems), Electrical Machine Drives, Electrical Actuators, Introduction to Real Time Embedded Systems, Real-Time Operating Systems. Smartphones for Automation and Control. Impact of wireless Internet and broadband access on distributed control systems and new SCADA/DCS architectures, Use of animation and other advanced techniques for operator interface and predictive control, real time IF and THEN analysis.

Course Instructor:
Nishchal K. Verma (nishchal@iitk.ac.in)
Course TA:
Teena Sharma (teenashr@iitk.ac.in)
Lecture Schedule:
Wednesday and Friday (10:30 AM to 12:00 PM)

First Course Handout

Lecture Material

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