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EE658A: Fuzzy Set, Logic & Systems & Applications (2020-21 Sem II)

Course Contents

Introduction, Uncertainty, Imprecision and Vagueness, Fuzzy systems, Brief history of Fuzzy logic, Foundation of Fuzzy Theory, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Fuzzy Systems in Commercial Products, Research Fields in Fuzzy Theory, Classical sets and Fuzzy sets, Classical Relations, Fuzzy relations, Membership Functions, Fuzzy to crisp conversions, Fuzzy arithmetic, Numbers, Vectors and the extension principle, Classical logic and Fuzzy logic, Mathematical background of Fuzzy Systems, Classical (Crisp) vs, Fuzzy sets, Representation of Fuzzy sets, Types of Membership Functions, Basic Concepts (support, singleton, height, a cut projections), Fuzzy set operations, Sand T Norms, Properties of Fuzzy sets, Sets as Points in Hypercube, Cartesian Product, Crisp and Fuzzy Relations, Examples, Linguistic variables and hedges, Membership function design. Basic Principles of Inference in Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy IFTHEN Rules, Canonical Form, Fuzzy Systems and Algorithms, Approximate Reasoning, Forms of Fuzzy Implication, Fuzzy Inference Engines, Graphical Techniques of Inference, Fuzzyifications/DeFuzzification, Fuzzy System Design and its Elements, Design options. Fuzzy Events, Fuzzy Measures, Possibility Distributions as Fuzzy Sets, Possibility vs, Probability, Fuzzy Systems as Universal Approximations, Additive Fuzzy Systems (standard additive model).

Course Instructor:
Nishchal K. Verma (nishchal@iitk.ac.in)