Sponsored Projects (2014-2019)

The Department is actively involved in computational and experimental research in various fields of Civil Engineering, which is sponsored by a variety of government and private agencies. Following are the topics of sponsored research undertaken by the faculties of the Department in the past five years


Environmental Engineering

  • Black and Brown Carbon influence on Climate Change in India -From Local to Regional Scale

  • Operation and Maintenance of 07 Nos of Mobile Zero Discharge Toilet Systems During Magh Mela-2015

  • Air Quality Sampling and Source Apportionment in NCR (Outside Delhi)

  • Studies on Aerosol Behavior Under Severe Accident Conditions in the Context of Indian Nuclear Reactors by Setting Up of National Aerosol Facility

  • Studies on Aerosol Behavior Under Severe Accident Conditions in the Context of Indian Nuclear Reactor by Setting Up of National Aerosol Facility

  • Investigation of Combustion and Soot Process in A Compression Ignition Engine Fueled with Biodiesel

  • Fist Program

  • Chemical Characterization of Organic Aerosols Under Difference Environmental Conditions

  • Deployment of Zero Waste Toilets and Waterless Urinals in Magh Mela Allahabad

  • CGRBMS At IIT Kanpur

  • Centre for Ganga River Basin Management

  • National Carbonaceous Aerosols Programme (NCAP) Working Group-Iii Project

  • Geochemical Processes Governing in Situ Remediation of Fluoride bearing Groundwater Using Suitable Chemical Amendments

  • Crowdsourcing Water Quality: Using Mobile Technology and Rapid Microbiological Test to assess Drinking Water Risks in Rural India.

  • Designing of A Novel, off-Centric Nozzle Impaction Based Automatic Pm2.5 Air Sampler

  • INDO-UK Joint Project Entitled: towards an integrated Approach for assessing the Impact of Climatic Stresses on Agriculture and the Exchange of Green House Gas on the Igp

  • Megacity Delhi Atmospheric Emission Quantification

  • Streaming Analytics Over Temporal Variables from Air Quality Monitoring (Satvam)

  • Streaming Analytics Over Temporal Variables from Air Quality Monitoring (Satvam)

  • Cganga Service Centre

  • Ganga river Health in the Middle Stretch

  • Study on Impact of Bio-Aerosols, Particulate Based Organics and Metals on the Health of Exposed Population Residing at A Major Site within the Indo-Gangetic Plain

  • Thermal infrared Technologies for Supporting Environmental assessment and Decision Making in the Ganges Basin (Part-B)

  • Delhi Air Quality Experiment: A Paradigm Shif in Source Apportionment; IIT-M and Hisar Part

  • Unlocking Wastewater Treatment Water Re-Use and Resource Recovery Opportunities for Urban and Peri-Urban Areas in India





Geotechnical Engineering

  • Design of Micro piles to Stabilize Railway Embankment

  • Permeability Evolution in Deep-Reservoir Rocks an Experimental and Numerical Study

  • An Experimental and Numerical assessment of Indian Crushable Sands Under Cyclic Loading

  • Field Validation of Stabilized Material for Subgrade Pavement

  • Low Cost Vibration Screening Technique for Machine Excitation in Built-Up Area Using Bamboos

  • A Study of Time Effects on Behavior of Pile-Raft Foundations

  • Hydro-Mechanical Behavior of Compacted Soils Under Varied Stress State and Saturation Conditions





  • Multi Sensor Approach for Land Slide Monitoring

  • Information Fusion of Hyperspectral and Other Data Sets for Modeling of Snow Hydrological Potential

  • GIS and Soft Computing Based Land Consolidation System

  • Integration of Spectral and Spatial information for Hyperspectral Image Classification

  • Sparc: Development of Precise Gravimetric Geoid Model for India Using Terrestrial, Airborne and Satellite Gravity Data

  • SPARC: Park-It: Advanced Parking information and Management for Indian Traffic

  • National Center of Excellence in Geodesy




Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering

  • Numerical and Experimental investigation of Water Movement Under Heterogeneous Conditions in Unsaturated Soils

  • Statistical Downscaling for Hydro-Climatic Projections with Cmip5 Simulation to assess Impact of Climate Change

  • Macroscopic Hydraulic Modelling of Urban Flood inundation

  • Experimental investigation of Pressure Flow Deck Scour




Structural Engineering

  • Design of Nonlinear Spring as A Re-Centering Mechanism in Flat Sliding Base Isolation System

  • Women in Undergraduate Engg. in India: A Study of Gender in Academic Environmental

  • Stress Concentration Factors (SCFS) in Curved Plates for Space Applications

  • Bridge instrumentation System Design for Bridge of Various Types, Spans and Age: Methodology Development and Validation for Damage assessment in Standardized Railway Bridge Truss

  • Detectability of Critical Delamination in Composite Space Components: Vibration Based Approach

  • Structural Identification From incomplete and Uncertain information: Identifiability, Optimal Experiment Design and Probabilistic Condition assessment

  • Continuous Monitoring of Sampreeti Setu (New Jubilee Bridge): instrumentation, Design and Health assessment

  • Finite Element Modelling for Seismic Analysis of Non-Structural Plaster Board Suspended Ceiling Systems

  • Real-Time Hybrid Simulation: Implementation, Validation and Application to Multi-Hazar Performance assessment of Buildings Outfitted with A Novel Damping Device

  • Structural Control Using Tuned Liquid Dampers: An investigation Through Real-Time Hybrid Simulation

  • Development of Draft Protocol for Testing of Structural Components and Systems for Use in Projects Under Housing for All (Urban)

  • Construction Safety and Quality Control Studies

  • Regional Hub and Technical Centre (Technology Submission of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna, Mhupa)

  • Beneficial Utilization of Sustainable industrial Waste for the Development of Self-Compacting Cement Based Pre-Cast Panels

  • Development of Super Elastic Friction Damper (SFD) for Vibration Control of Pipelines.








Transportation Engineering

  • Investing the Role of Changes in Physicochemical Properties of Cementitious Materials on Long Term Performance of Stabilized Layers

  • Joint Research Study Between Aalto University & IIT Kanpur on Recycling of asphalt Materials in Road Construction