Photonics Science and Engineering

Center for Lasers and Photonics, IIT Kanpur

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Some of the prominent contributions to technology development by CELP faculty are listed below:

  • EPI Pressure sensors
  • Cervical cancer detection
  • Fiber optic devices
  • Enhanced light collection in solar cell using patterned surface
  • Cavity-coupled guided resonances in photonic crystal heterostructures
  • Dynamical bistability through loss modulation in fiber laser
  • Measuring temporal coherence of broadband laser
  • Characterizing silicon photonic crystal slab with out-of-plane light coupling
  • Generation of ultraviolet light using standard single mode fiber
  • Stokes-Mueller study of polarized light in photonic crystal
  • Metasurface-based triple-band antenna
  • Imaging of inhomogeneities within highly scattering media
  • Phototherapy units for treatment of Neonatal Jaundice using dual wavelength exposure
  • Vein visualization aid for intravenous interventions
  • Optical real-time label free detection of Bilirubin levels in Neonates
  • UV sterilization chamber using the ideas of chaos in Bunimovich stadium geometry for uniform distribution of radiation
  • Computational fluorescence optical and photoacoustic tomography and Electrical impedance tomography: Data acquisition system and reconstruction algorithms.
  • Large-bandwidth chaos in optical fibers: Demonstrated chaos of 12.5 GHz single-sided bandwidth in erbium-doped fiber laser. This is the largest bandwidth of chaos reported till date in fiber-lasers.
  • High-speed random number generator: Using chaos in erbium-doped fiber ring lasers, demonstrated random number generator with potential generation rate of 400 Gbps/single-mode of polarization. Patent granted
  • Trench-Assisted Fiber for FTTH Applications: Developed a novel fiber with refractive index profile that is insensitive to bend induced losses. Patent granted. Presently exploring options for technology transfer.
  • Developed Quantum Key Distribution hardware including single-photon detector module at 1550 nm, 2.4 GHz RF transmitter and receivers, and OFDM based QKD systems.
  • High speed and robust fringe analysis method for interferogram processing
  • Non-invasive multi-component precision metrology instrument
  • Non-contact nanoscale surface topography instrument
  • A thin film based flat optical device for beam shaping
  • A reconstructive spectrometer
  • Greater than 100Gbps Highly Efficient Waveguide Photodiodes Monolithically Integrated with waveguide taper for Optical Fiber coupling at 1550 nm wavelength