Photonics Science and Engineering

Center for Lasers and Photonics, IIT Kanpur

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Lab NameResearch AreasEquipmentsPrincipal Investigator
Photonics Lab Lasers and Photonics (Fiber optics, Photonic crystals, nonlinear optics, Antennas) DC/RF sputtering system, UV-Vis- NIR spectrophotometrer, stylus profilometer, optical microscope, Nanosecond-pulsed Nd: YAG laser with SHG/THG, lasers at multiple wavelengths, and detectors at different wavelengths. Dr. R. Vijaya
Optical Metrology and Imaging Lab Optical coherent imaging, Non- destructive precision metrology Single frequency lasers, Optical Table, sCMOS cameras, GPU workstations Dr. Gannavarpu Rajshekhar
Fiber and integrated optics Lab Fiber and integrated optics; infrared and terahertz frequency sensors; long-period gratings, Fiber optic Bragg gratings, Plasmonics and metamaterials. Optical Spectrum Analyzer, Fiber Splicing Machine, Supercontinuum source, Fiber optic fs laser, Fiber cleaver, Abbe refractometer, Motorized precision translational stage, pH meter, Power meter, Magnetic Stirrer, Hot Plate, Precision Weighing machine Dr. Saurabh Mani Tripathi
Photonic Devices Lab Nanophotonics, quantum optics Home-built microscope set up with spectral and time resolved measurement facility Dr. Shilpi Gupta
Optoelectron ics and Nanofabricat ion Lab Optoelectronics, Compound Semiconductors, mm- wave measurements, Lasers, Device fabrication ps-pulsed laser source at 980nm, 1550 nm, and 400 nm, CO2 laser (10W), Laser Scanner (1kHz), MCT detectors (4kHz, 4kV/W), Tunable laser (1270-1650nm), MJB3 Mask Aligner (i-line, 3inch substrates), Zeiss Microscope (50X obj), Photoresist Spinner (4800rpm), Reactive Ion Etch System etc. Dr. Utpal Das
Micro-scale Transport Laboratory Optical instrumentation, Optofluidics, DBD plasma actuator, Electrohydrodynamic atomization and encapsulation Digital holographic interferometry (DHI), Digital holographic microscopy (DHM), Micro particle image velocimetry (μPIV), Time- resolved particle image velocimetry, Laser Schlieren,Infrared Thermography (IRT) Dr. Pradipta Kumar Panigrahi
Diffuse Light Imaging Laboratory Classical Optics and Quantum Optics Spectrometer and White light Source Dr. Harshwardhan Wanare
Femtosecond laser spectroscopy laboratory Ultrafast and single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy Wet Laboratory Room, Surface Second Harmonic Generation Setup, Spectrophotometer, Regenerative Amplifier, Picosecond Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC), Fluorometer, Dipole Meter, Abbe Refractometer, Ultrasonic Interferometer Dr. Pratik Sen
Biophotonics Lab Biophotonics, Laser spectroscopy and Imaging, Intrinsic fluorescence, Fluorescence lifetime imaging Argon-ion laser, Triplemate monochromator, Starbright Diode laser 785 nm, FluorologIII, spectrofluorimeter, ANDOR CCD and Spectrograph (Shamrock) system, Apex 2- Xenon Lamp source, Ocean optics Tungsten Halogen light source, ANDOR iXon EMCCD, ANDOR APOGEE CCD, PCO Pixelfly CCD, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging system, Diode laser 375nm, Diode laser 405nm, Helium Neon Laser 17mW, Ocean Optics spectrometer Dr. Asima Pradhan
Femto Lab Femtosecond pulse shaping; coherent control and optical approaches to quantum computing; spatiotemporal control using ultrafast tweezers and nonlinear optics; two-photon and multi- photon microscopy; ultrafast thermal spectroscopy for molecular identification and processes. Confocal Microscope, NOPA ring Dr. Debabrata Goswami
Ultracold Ions and Atoms Lab Quantum computations and simulations with trapped ions, Quantum technologies using cold atoms, Precision measurements, Quantum Optics Tunable CW lasers, wavemeter Dr. S Ranjita 
Optical Instrumentati on Lab Optical Techniques, Flow Control Hierarchical Porous Media.   Dr. K Muralidhar
Advanced fiber and quantum optics laboratory AND Quantum Key Distribution laboratory Quantum Cryptography and Computation, Quantum and Nonlinear Optics, Fiber Optics Oscilloscope 13 GHz BW (DCA- X, Infinium), Light wave measurement system mainframe 8164B, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, EDFA (AMP 901), Si Photodiode Array, Real Time Oscilloscope, Optical Modulation Analyzer (Keysight M8290A) Dr. Pradeep Kumar
Tomographic Imaging Laboratory Electrical Impedance Tomography, Fluorescence and photoacoustic tomography Data Collection equipment For EIT Dr. Naren Naik