Recommendation to Parents/Guardians

 1. (a) Parents must make necessary arrangements to send their wards to the school at least 5 min. before the school starts.


(b) Students must be picked up by the parent/guardian as soon as school is over. The school will not be responsible for any student left in the school more than 15 minutes after the school is over.


(c) Students should come to school regularly, punctually & dressed in neat and clean school uniform.


(d) Students should bring to school all the required books, note books and stationery and all must be properly maintained.


2  2.   Parents are expected to look into their children's diary every day to check the homework or any remarks/notice from the teacher, and sign everyday.


3. 3.   During school hours parents are advised not to see their wards or meet the teachers or visit the class rooms. lf it is very urgent, please see the Principal.


4. 4.   When your child/ward is unwell, please do not send him/her to school.


5. 5.   When for some unavoidable reason a child has to be taken away from school early, make sure that the Parent/guardian does it personally with the permission of the Class Teacher/ Principal.



-------    Principal