General Instruction to Students

1.   Bring this diary to school daily. Do not scribble in the diary and do not use it as a rough copy. Must maintain regularity & punctuality.


2.     Come to School regularly and always be on time


3.    Always be clean, well groomed and in proper school uniform.


4.    Attending the Morning Assembly is compulsory.


5.  Cover your school books neatly with brown paper/ Plastic Sheet and properly name them. Always come to school with the required stationery and books.


6.  Keep the school premises clean and tidy and use all school property with respect and care.  


7.  It is important to learn to be considerate towards all and courteous and respectful to your parents, teachers and all elders.


8. Cultivate a good sportsman spirit and be fair and honest in your work and dealings.


-------    Principal