In the year 1964, Campus School came into existence. The Indian Institute of Technology is situated far away from the Kanpur city. The scarcity of any good school nearby, the I.I.T administration decided to set up Campus School. They planned to start their own private school in order to provide best possible elementary education to the wards of its faculty & employees. Initially it was housed in a type IV house and there were very few children. The Kanpur Indo-American Programme took an active initiative in the running and planning of the school programme, curriculum and architecture of its building. In the beginning, Principal Central School was given the responsibility to see the day to day administration of the school. Later Mr. S.L. Gupta took up the job as coordinator’ of the school. In the last 40 years the school was headed by Principal J.N. Mattoo, Prof. P.P. Shah, Mrs. A. Raha & Mrs. R. Dhar. It is currently administered by Mrs. Achla Josan.

Over the years the school blossomed from small group to a full-grown school. From Type IV it was shifted to Campus School Old Building. It had five blocks roughly one for each grade and had a library block and a K.G. block, plus a Science room block . At one time around 1975 to 1977 the enrolment of the school children was up to 1400 students . This forced the school to shift in two buildings- K.G. & class V in the old building and Grade I to IV in the New Building. The classes were inter-changed all depending on the strength in the grades. Administratively it was difficult having the school two buildings. Finally in the year 2002 the classes in the old building shifted to New Building (adjacent to Guest House)

In the year 1972 the staff of the school was absorbed on regular scale & few teachers became permanent employees of the institute. Now it is a full fledged school and an important unit of the institute. It follows CBSE pattern of education with an emphasis on moral education, computers & personality development.