Pupil's Fund/ Fee


Fee can be deposited  On-line from 15th to 30th/31st of April, July , October , January through SBI Collect according
to the category the student falls in. Fee is collected on quarterly basis.

Late Fee of Rs.100/- will be charged if the fee is deposited after 30th of April, July, October and January.


Three Slabs / Category of Fee for AY 2019-20


Group A, B, C Employees of IIT Kanpur  

Rs 1500/- @ month

Non Regular Employees of IIT Kanpur   

Guardian /Retired Guardian

}- Rs. 1100/-@ month

Non IIT Kanpur Employees   

Rs. 1600  /-@ month

Admission  Fee

Rs. 600/- (To be paid at the time of admission)