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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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Women’s Association and Faculty Club IITK have jointly launched eight Campus Activity Clubs (CAC). 1. Literary Club 2. Arts/Culture Club 3. Music Club 4. Dramatics Club 5. Dance Club 6. Sports and Fitness Club 7. Green Campus Club 8. Social Work Club.

All the WA and FC members are invited to join club activities of their choice. Come let’s gratify our thirst for activities of arts and culture, sports and fitness and social responsibility. Trigger your hidden and creative talents and explore an artist, performer, sports star or a social activist in you.

1. Literary Club

The objective of the literary club is to offer a competing platform for the knowledge-hungry members. Its activities will strive to cultivate a passion for literary activities among the campus community. The Children and Women Book clubs are already active. The Club plans to organize literary events such as kavi sammelans, talks, panel discussions, elocutions, story-telling, creative writing workshops, Fun and GK quizzes and so on.

2. Arts/Culture Club

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for.” – Georgia O'Keeffe Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture. Ken Robinson As an artistic endeavor, drawing is almost as old as mankind. The arts refer to the physical expression of creativity found in human societies and cultures. The objective of this club is to instigate and instill passion for arts and culture among the campus people. It plans to organize arts and crafts classes, put up exhibitions of the works of campus artists, organize drawing and photography competitions, workshops, talks and so on.

3. Music Club

Famous saying by Shakespeare “when words fail music speaks.” We all always soothe our souls with music. If you crave to express words with music and desire to sing like super singer this is the club for you. As it is rightly said, “without music life will be a mistake. So, friends join this club and explore your singing talents. The club plans to organize musical programs, Ghazal night, classical music evenings, Amateur singing evenings, workshops and lectures on music.

4. Dramatics Club

The Dramatics Club will give you the freedom of being whoever you want to be. Discover the wildest person in you, and not only get applauded but also encouraged. Participate in a bunch of amazing events round the year, from stage and street performances to mimes and comedy acts, leaving behind all the stage fear in you and become a wonderful outspoken individual you always dreamt of. The objective of this club is to bring all the interested members under its roof who will plan, direct, and perform plays, skits, street plays, workshops or any such related activities. If you feel you have in you please come forward and join this club.

5. Dance Club

“I am not sure if the happier I am, the more I dance or the more I dance, the happier I am”, Either way I am dancing. This club will ignite your passion for dance in you. Everyone wants to move their bodies with the beats. This club invites members to showcase their dancing talent. This club plans to organize dance programs on various forms, organize cultural show in Zajba, Dance dramas, Medleys workshops, lectures and so on. The sky is the limit friends!! Talents knows no bounds…,

6. Sports and Fitness club

It is never too late in life to get fit and challenge your physical limits! Looking to take up a new sport or fitness regime? This sports and fitness Club will add that extra zing to your life. Playing sports or sweating out in the Gym is generally a fantastic way to improve your fitness and health. There are plenty of reasons to get involved in sports and fitness activity club such as reduced body fat, bone strengthening, improved stamina and flexibility and many more. The club plans to organize classes on yoga, Aerobics for health and fitness, chess, Scrabble, Bridge, Art of living for mental fitness. It has plan for Badminton, TT and chess tournaments.

7. Green Campus Club

This Go Green club has been initiated last year with a vision to make the campus green and Eco-friendly and also to educate the community about the importance of sustainable development. The club supports the programs of the Institute Green Cell. It will have programs for segregation and recycling of the waste, composting, water and power conservation, awareness programs for saving the environment by inviting talks by the environmentalists, Quiz and GD on environment, Green March, zero food wastage awareness drive, plans for selling organic vegetables grown in the Nursery and develop herbal garden and many more such activities.

8. Social Work Club

The WA/FC is planning to channelize the social work activities under its ambit to enhance the cohesiveness and sense of giving and sharing among the campus community. It will strive to increase the awareness of social issues facing the humanity at large and the campus in particular. It aims to undertake the fund-raising activities, collection drives, donation drives, trips to the orphanages, old age homes, talks and discussions on women issues, distribution and disposal of Sanitary pads to needy women and so on. Organize get togethers for handicapped people, with old and sick people in the campus and hospitals.