About Us



The Women's Association (WA) of IIT Kanpur is an informal organisation representing all women of IIT Kanpur campus. Started as a social club when the IITK was set up in the sixties, it has evolved into a platform for interactions and discussions with other residents, a place to nurture talent and enterprise, and a forum to discuss issues that concerns the community. WA has played a pivotal role in building the social fabric of the campus, celebrating Diwali, Holi and other festivals together, organising fetes and picnics, networking women and spending time together in fun activities. The association operates from House No 605, popularly known as the Faculty Club.



The WA of IITK seeks to give women on IITK campus an opportunity to interact with others on campus, celebrate and develop their professional skills. Our mission is to provide the much needed social platform to the campus community and to address issues that makes us a sensitive and sensible community. By organising exhibitions and activities, WA provides its members platform to share their interests and skills with others.


The New Executive Committee has taken charge of Women’s Association on 14th January, 2018


Executive Committee:

Vibha Dikshit (Secretary)
Richa Verma (Joint Secretary)
Savita A. Jain (Treasurer)
Jayshree Srivastav
Vasima Malik
Nalini Mittal
Savita P. Jain
Anjali Kulkarni
Nibedita Bannerji
Nalini Shankar
Sweta Kumar
Vismita Chauhan
Gauri Sharma
Sumitra Ghanty
Anamika Rathore
Nalini Ram
Nirmala Sarvanam
Rita Singh (Ex-officio)