V. Subrahmanyam


Dr. Vemuru Subrahmanyam joined the Department in 1996.  He obtained his doctoral degree from TIFR, Mumbai working under the supervision of Prof. Mustansir Barma. Subsequently he carried out postdoctoral research at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai ,  at the Abdus Salam ICTP, Trieste, Italy, and at the Max Planck Institute for Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany.

He is a theoretical Condensed Matter Physicist, whose chief interest lies in Strongly-correlated Electron Systems. Currently, he is working on Quantum Entanglement and Computation. Dr. Subrahmanyam is also interested in Bose-Einstein Condensation, Antiferromagnetism and Superconductivity. Apart from core courses, he has offered electives like Disordered and Interacting Systems and Many-Body Theory. He is currently Institute Faculty Adviser to NSS.