Gautam Sengupta

 Ph.D. (Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar 1992) ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR

Dr. Gautam Sengupta joined the Department in 1997. He obtained his doctoral degree from the Institute of Physics( Dept. of Atomic Energy DAE Govt. of India) under the supervision of Prof. J. Maharana. Subsequently he carried out postdoctoral research at the Centre for Theoretical Studies (CTS), IISc, Bangalore, as a Golda Meir Foundation Fellow at the Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel and at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences (Matscience), Chennai, India.

He is a theoretical high energy physicist, whose principal research interests are in String Theory and Quantum Gravity, AdS-CFT Correspondence and Holography, Black Hole Thermodynamics Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena, Thermodynamic Geometries, Effective Field Theories and Brane World Black Holes and General Theory of Relativity. Current research work involves the study of AdS-CFT Correspondence, Holography, AdS Hydrodynamics and the AdS-CFT Condensed Matter Physics Correspondence.

In the recent past he has published a series of research articles on the investigation of Black Hole Thermodynamics, Phase transitions and Critical Phenomena of AdS Black holes in the framework of Thermodynamic Riemannian Geometries of the equilibrium thermodynamic state space. As a consequence of this investigation the thermodynamic curvature R has been established as a central quantity encoding both first order and second order phase transitions. This has resulted in a new characterization of first order phase transitions through the R-Crossing Algorithm and the characterization of the Widom Line in the supercritical regime that bypasses century old contentions in the conventional approach. Applications of the R-Crossing Algorithm to liquid gas transitions in simple fluids show remarkable corroboration of the results from NIST data.

In the past he has worked on Thermodynamic Geometry and the Extremal Black Hole Attractor Mechanisms in String Theory, Brane World Black Holes, M theory Matrix Models and D-branes, Duality and Supergravities, Topological Conformal Field Theories and String Operator formalism on Riemann surfaces. Apart from professional courses, he has offered electives like Special and General Theory of Relativity, Quantum Field Theory and Gauge theories Path Integrals and Renormalization. More details may be found on his personal home page.

More details can be found on his personal home page. WEB