Dipankar Chakrabarti

Ph.D. (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, 2004) ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR

Dr. Dipankar Chakrabarti joined the Department in 2008. He obtained his doctoral degree from Jadavpur University in 2004 while working at the Theory Division of Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics under the supervision of Prof. A. Harindranath. Subsequently he carried out post doctoral research at the University of Florida, USA, at the University of Regensburg, Germany and at Swansea University, UK. He is a recipient of Alexander von Humboldt and Marie-Curie International Incoming fellowships. 

He is a theoretical High Energy Physicist, whose main interests lie in Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), Lattice Gauge Theory and Lightcone Field Theories. Currently, he is working on chiral fermions in lattice gauge theory and Genrelized Parton Distributions in lightcone QCD.

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